GAM Sector

Entertainment Sector

GAM Sector is technically not an 'Official' sector. This is because it is administered primarily by HPD&MC, which contracts with the other Service Groups for special contractors to fill the duties they normally would serve.

Unusually, it has four HPD & MC High Programmers, and none from any other service group.

GAM Sector was originally constructed between 35 and 42. The precise reasons for its devastation remain classified, but in 138, it was laid waste and remained abandoned for twenty years. In 158, HPD & MC Ultraviolet, Barker-U-BOB-4 claimed the sector for his service group and began repairs on it.

In 172, GAM sector opened its doors. It has become a favored place for people to come and take their Compulsory Vacations, as it specializes in Game Shows, where Clones can risk their lives to earn fabulous prizes. It also contains the Tower of GAM, a famous Indigo-Clearance Recreation Resort.

Noteworthy shows include:

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