Basic Geography

MTK Sector is roughly pentagonal in shape, roughly. It is roughly bisected by The Ship Channel, which runs through the north wall, then down the middle of the sector, then out the southeast wall. MTK Ship Harbor is located in the northern part of the sector, right off the ship channel. Fortress MTK, the Armed Forces base, fronts on the ship harbor. Just a little north of it on the ship channel is MTK Sector Beach Resort. MTK INTSEC HQ is located on the northern side of the complex, close to, but not next to the MTK Sector Ship Harbor and Ship Channel.

PLC Tower rises between CPU HQ and the MTK Sector Harbor; much of the Harbor is part of the PLC Sub-sector, dedicated to endless rows of warehouses, shipyards, manufactories, and docks. PLC Tower proper is dedicated to the manufacture of Bots, with the high clearance citizens living in the highest levels.

CPU CORE (Sector HQ) is located in the very center of MTK sector for the convenience of all citizens.

The entrance to R&D's micro-universe base is located near the southeastern wall, just in case.

Power Services HQ is inside a restricted sub-sector which contains many nuclear reactors and waste disposal facilities. It is rumored that it is the only sub-sector where the power never goes out. It certainly has more wiring per square mile than anywhere else. It is located near the easternmost corner of the sector.

Tech Services has staked out its turf on the western side of the Sector, inside an odd cul-de-sac, created by the detonation 30 years ago of RON Sector Reactor #32. It has since been detoxed and is perfectly harmless and safe. Certainly everything inside the sub-sector is in perfect condition.

MTKWOOD is the HPD&MC Subsector, where all the animation and live action studios are. It is a giant rambling mess of interconnected buildings and tunnels. It is located in the southwestern portion of the Sector.

Troubleshooter HQ is located just south of CPU Core.

MTK Sector Memorial Airport is just east of CPU Core.

Selected Sectors Bordering MTK Sector

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