As the chosen Sector Administrator, Quincy-U-PMP has authority over the other High Programmers, who must obey him in all work-related commands. Rumors that they are fairly free to delay his orders, defy him in small to medium ways, and are all plotting to bring him down are Treason.

All of MTK sector is divided into areas of responsibility, governed by specific Service Groups, sometimes in conjunction with each other. Some areas are closed to everyone except those of a specific service group. These areas are clearly marked, except where Commie sabotage has destroyed or moved the signs. Such activity is, of course, treason.

Inter-Sector Relations

As a general rule, every sector is independant of every other sector, answering only to Friend Computer. While each service group theoretically spans the complex, in practice, each branch in each sector is semi-independant.

Some sectors cooperate with each other. Others trade goods and services for credits. And some have been known to engage in armed conflict with each other. But that is rare. Sometimes.