The Gutenberg Archive

According to the conclusions of the Gutenberg Archive Study Conference, this collection of documents was accumulated by Steve-GUTENBERG-1, the man who invented the printer in the distant past.(1) With the help of his many subordinates, he collected many documents together in both printed and electronic form, storing them on a variety of the primitive electronic storage media of the past.

The Gutenberg Archive remains one of our primary sources of knowledge about the Old Reckoning, along with Friend Computer's Reference Documents Database, the Human Genome Project Database, and the Simpsons Episode Collection (2).

Only Blue or Higher Clearance Citizens may even know the database exists, and some information in it is restricted to even higher clearances.

The Romantics, Otakus, and their many spin-offs make raiding the Gutenberg a high priority, so all visiting scholars should keep their lasers handy.

The Printed Components of the Archive are kept in a location of Ultraviolet Clearance; scholars found worthy are escorted there blindfolded, then allowed only to look at the document they requested. IF they are approved. The Video and Electronic components can be requested via C-Mail by any qualified scholar and a copy will be dispatched to them.

(1) It would appear that it was necessary for the Primitive Citizens to copy all documents by hand before his invention, no doubt contributing to the primitive nature of those times.

(2) Scholars remain divided on the question of whether or not this is a depiction of a community of mutants or whether there has been data degradation over the centuries.