Housing Production and Development and Mind Control

Leader -- Sector President (HPD AND MC): Wood-U-EDW-4

Short Bio:

Decanted from EDW sector Clone Vat #9 54 yearcycles ago, he showed an early talent for grandiose plans and the creation of computer-approved fiction at a very low price. He made Red Clearance by the age of 20, Orange by the age of 23, Yellow by the age of 27, Green by the age of 29, Blue by the age of 31, then Indigo at 34.
At the age of 35, Wood-I-EDW-1 then died horribly in the Deleted for Security Reasons, and Wood-I-EDW-2 also perished. Wood-I-EDW-3 was then transfered to MTK sector.
Five years of exciting toil later, Wood-I-EDW-3 was accidentally eaten during Capra-U-MTK-23's attempt to finally bring in REVENGE OF THE HOT FUN under budget, becoming one of nearly 50,000 clones slain by angry special effects. Wood-I-EDW-4 managed to bring the film in under budget through the clever use of spliced newsreel footage, earning a promotion to Ultraviolet, in part because everyone ahead of him had been eaten.
He has since gone on to prove that there is nothing that can't be done for half the price and a quarter the quality.



MTK HPD & MC is a major producer of animated shows, including the Teela-O Redux Show, Last Traitor, Pocket Funbots, The HPY Sector Fun Show, Fear the Deleted for Security Reasons, Beautiful Armed Forces Red Clearance Soldier Moon-R, Treason Muyo, and Deleted for Security Reasons.

MTK HPD & MC is also noted for its production of extremely cheap science fiction.

Special Projects

PLAN NINE FROM OUT SECTOR: This will be the greatest science-fiction film ever made! It is rumored to be budgeted as high as 50,000 credits! This exciting film will speculate on the possibile scenario of an INVASION BY ALIEN COMMIES. Information on what an alien is remains unavailable at your security clearance, but take our word for it; it is exciting.


MTKWOOD is the HPD&MC Subsector, where all the animation and live action studios are. It is a giant rambling mess of interconnected buildings and tunnels. It is located in the southwestern portion of the Sector.