Internal Security

Leader -- Sector Head of Security (IntSec?) Clousea-U-PNK-1

Short Bio:

Decanted in PNK Sector Clone Vat #453, Clousea-PNK was an amiable clone, liked by all. It was much to the surprise of everyone when he was chosen for Internal Security by his Apititude Testing.
Deleted for Security Reasons
As a result, he was selected to be head of Internal Security for MTK sector, a duty which he has held for an entire three weekcycles so far, with great success and relatively low casualty rates.



Under the new regime of Clousea-U, the plan to develop specialties in investigation and information gathering have been announced, replacing the specialties of Finding Scapegoats and Beating Confessions Out of Clones.


Special Projects

OPERATION PINK CLEARANCE: Deleted for Security Reasons


MTK INTSEC HQ is located on the northern side of the complex, close to, but not next to the MTK Sector Ship Harbor and Ship Channel.

It is a giant sprawling fortress surrounded by a set of heavily fortified buildings set up for specialized purposes. The new Sector Head of Security has ordered a massive redecoration job to make the place less grim and depressing.