KNT Sector

Temporarily Unoccupied Sector

Once a thriving agricultural sector, dominated by the Agriculture Sub-Group of HPD & MC. Actual REAL FRUITS AND VEGETABLES were produced here, and it is rumored that parts of the sector bore a great resemblance to the legendary and treasonous OUT sector.

Unfortunately, in the year 270, the BOR Sector Rebels set off an experimental device, and a massive earthquake rocked KNT Sector and the adjacent MTK and CRB sectors. The resulting damage resulted in multiple reactor meltdowns and the devastation of the sector. By heroic effort, none of the waste got into the Ship Channel. MTK Sector PLC CEO Asimov-U-LAW-12 dies in the Quake; it remains unclear why he was visiting that day.

Clean-Up efforts continue to the present day. A small repair and refueling station is maintained here, at the KNT Sector Ship Harbor. The Sector is currently administered by Power Services, who runs the cleanup operation.

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