MTK Sector Beach Resort

MTK Sector has entered the realm of competition for the coveted market of High-Clearance Vacations. This Sub-Sector has been mostly sealed off from the rest of the sector except for the service entrances and the public entrance.

Public Entrance requires leaving Ship Channel #1 shortly before reaching MTK Sector Ship Harbor. Instead, one goes down a side canal to a heavily fortified check point. If one passes muster, one enters the resort. Otherwise, immediate termination for Attempted Clearance Violation ensues.

The resort has Blue, Indigo, and Violet clearance areas. All three have access to a nice beach area with docks and small yachts for cruising around an indoor lake. The ceiling has been rigged with holoprojectors to present the illusion of an OUT sector sky.

There are three hotels, which run north to south: Blue Clearance (The Grand), Indigo Clearance (The Magnificent), Violet Clearance (Heaven's Gate). All three are the same size, but the Blue Clearance Hotel can house 500 Blues, the Indigo 200 Indigos and Heaven's Gate uses all that space for just 50 Violets at a time. There is the fourth building, the Massage Center and Hospital, which provides massage, saunas, emergency medical care and whores . There is a beach for swimming, and pools for each hotel.

Below ground is a special arena, used for BOT WARS--combat between one or more teams of bots. Some guests bring their own, others use bots provided by the hotel. Underground areas also contain a special Tech Serv facility for bot repair which also handles any repairs on the hotels. Rumors claim a secret tunnel connects this facility to Tech Serv HQ. Rumors are treason.

One Day / One Week's stay:

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