Mandatory Bonus Duties

Friend Computer or high clearance citizens may find it valuable to reward you with additional duties beyond those of all clones, of your service group, and of being a troubleshooter.

For Troubleshooters, the most common duty is Team Leader. Someone in the team is typically put in charge. If anyone outranks the others, he gets the job usually. Otherwise, someone is given Brevet Rank, which requires everyone else on the team to obey them, or be guilty of treason. The exception is that you need not obey treasonous orders.

They get the big credit if things go well, and are target #1 if things go to hell.

The Briefing Officer(s) may assign other special jobs to other members of the team, granting them authority and responsibility for some portion of the mission. Such officers should be obeyed and deferred to in their area of expertise.

Typical Duties: