Multicorders are the standard recording instrument of choice in Bubblegum Complex.

Recorder I -- Red Clearance

Easily portable in one hand video and audio recorder; requires VidTapes? to store data.

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Recorder II -- Yellow Clearance

Man-portable Video and Audio Recorder. Can store up to 2 hours of data; can also record onto VidTapes? or DigiDisks?.

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Recorder III -- Blue Clearance

Man-portable Audio/Video? recorder; may have special sensory attachments. It is capable of storing up to 20 hours of Video and Audio before needing to download its data to other storage

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Recorder IV -- Violet Clearance

Recorder IV can hold up to 40 hours of Audio and Video, and can be bought either as a convenient small box or even as a micronized pin for espionage purposes. You can remote access it with a Com II Unit.

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