NML Sector


NML Sector was once a flourishing industrial sector, focusing on chapstick production, makeup, and other beautification products. As a result, it became a primary target of the BOR Rebels in 268 (possibly under the influence of CLAMP). This base enabled them to attempt to destabilize MTK sector by carrying out the Papercut Massacre against CPU. Fortunately, CPU proved largely unnecessary to sector operations, and MTK sector Armed Forces launched a counter attack.

The counter attack reduced NML Sector to rubble after the rebels discovered that Happy Shiny Lip Gloss, mixed with Bouncy Bubble Beverage and Chapstick #5, made an incredibly potent explosive. Losses were intense, but the rebels were driven out. NML was, however, now a wasteland.

After the war, it was reclassified as ARMED FORCES TESTING GROUND #456. As such, it is used by many sectors as a place to test weapons and tactics.

GER Sector Armed Forces are involved in a joint project with MTK Armed Forces to develop new fortifications and ways to breach them; these wargames are conducted in NML Sector.

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