Clone Registry


Service Group: HPD&MC

Service Group Role: Infrared Mental Health and Loyalty Counselor

Quote: "My child, the Computer understands your doubt following the Communist sabotage of Slurry Vat #17 that tragically claimed the lives of six thousand of your fellow Citizens. The Computer understands and loves all of us. If you could just step into the confession booth, all your troubles will be over..." *sound of electrical discharge, screaming* "Next, please?"

Chester is a rotund, jovial clone with curly white hair and a kindly manner. He has recently been assigned to the Troubleshooting team following his great success (over three hundred Infrareds successfully counselled in a single day) at the Grief Aversion and Happiness Reeducation Fun Camp set up in the wake of the tragedy of Slurry Vat #17.

Player: Alan Harnum


Service Group: Armed Forces

Service Group Role: Midshipclone 1st Class

Quote: "I was honored to serve with Horati-O-NSN-6 at the battle of TFR Sector, sir! We should all remember his gallant sacrifice for Computer and Complex! If Horati-O could defeat the French Commies with only two ships and an eggplant, surely taking that fortified bunker should be no problem at all!"

Chip is one of the few remaining 'Powd-R Monkeys', an Armed Forces experiment to train Junior Citizens from a young age to man the ships of the Complex, thus developing a force of super-sailors. Sadly, it was discovered that giving 1-year-olds ships, guns, grenades, and voice-activated artillery systems leads not to super-sailors, but to lots of property damage and dead Junior Citizens.

Oddly enough, Chip seems to have come through this more-or-less intact, the exception being his missing right arm. He was promoted to Red clearance despite being at an age where he should still be a Junior Citizen; he also seems to have somehow been present at almost every major naval engagement in recent Complex history.

Chip is an adorable 14-year-old moppet in a starched red naval uniform, starched midshipman's top hat, and with an empty sleeve pinned just right for a touch of pathos. He is very chirpy and energetic, constantly tells war stories, and likes to shoot, barrage, or otherwise make things explode. He has a reputation for suicidal bravery, which is rather suspicious given the fact that he's one of the few survivors of multiple military massacres.

Chip has recently been promoted to Orange clearance for putting down a traitor with a Cone Rifle.

Player: Mike Loader


Service Group: CPU

Service Group Role: Data Processor, Equipment Requisitioning Forms Facility


A 25 year old bureocrat, he was traumatized early in his career when there was an error in job processing and he was the sole employee of a department and given thousands of forms to complete, by himself. He somehow got through it, but the experience left him traumatized. There are moments when it seems he is unable to hear properly, and sometimes he is unable to say 'Okay' or 'Yes' in a normal volume.

He is a dark skinned, dreadlocked office drone, and dresses the part.

Player: Rod M.


Service Group: R&D

Service Group Role: Necessities Deployment, Safe and Fun Foodstuffs Division.

Quote: "It's perfectly safe. See, I'm eating it, it's fine. No side effects whatsoever. Yes, I'm a mutant. Are you implying that I would abuse my powers to rush an unsafe product to market, Citizen? Such doubts are clearly treasonous."

Bolt is a somewhat cranky, white-haired, solidly-built man usually wearing a lot of stuff and oddments about his person in a way which just barely falls within Non-Treasonous Uniform Standards. He works for R&D's necessities division, deploying their new developments into the habitation chambers and cafeterias of the Complex. After much careful and thorough testing, of course. Have some Hot Fun, it will sooth your nerves.

He is a Registered Mutant, with some sort of odd enhanced digestive tract that aids him in his work. Somehow. Rumors are treason.

Player: Merc