Production, Logistics, and Commisary

Leader -- Sector Administrator Quincy-U-PMP-10, Sector CEO of PLC

Short Bio:

Decanted in PMP Sector Clone Vat Deleted for Security Reasons, he was selected by PLC due to his keen head for organizing his Junior Crechemates. Rumors of his connection to Deleted for Security Reasons are completely untrue.
He soon gained the attention of Superfly-U-PMP-5, after which he
Deleted for Security Reasons
Quincy-V was then transferred to MTK Sector, where he labored for three years, until the death of Asimov-U-LAW-12 in the KNT Sector Quake. At that time, he was promoted and became Sector CEO.
After five years of hard work, he was rewarded when Bite-U-NOW-13 perished in the REVENGE OF THE HOT FUN filming disaster. His role in helping to soothe the ensuing panic lead to his promotion to Sector Administrator.
He has since gone on to make this sector noted for its fine lines of bots, boats, and the special line of PMP gear.



MTK PLC specializes in ship production, bot production, PMP gear, and aquatic transportation of goods.

Special Projects

PROJECT BOT UPGRADE: Periodically, it is necessary to bring in every bot in the complex for improvements. PLC is currently conducting its decennial Bot Sweep and Upgrade. We ask your apologies for the inconvenience.


PLC Tower rises between CPU HQ and the MTK Sector Harbor; much of the Harbor is part of the PLC Sub-sector, dedicated to endless rows of warehouses, shipyards, manufactories, and docks. PLC Tower proper is dedicated to the manufacture of Bots, with the high clearance citizens living in the highest levels.

Certain rumors claim that Quincy-U has a device at the very top of the building allowing him to control any Bot in the sector. Rumors are treason.