Power Services

Leader -- Sector Power Chief (Power Services) Tesla-U-MTK-4

Short Bio:

Decanted in MTK Sector Clone Vat #567, Tesla showed an early knack for playing with wiring. He survived the destruction of Creche 53 at the age of 12 by successfully setting off an electrical fire which created a firebreak, thus preventing the advancing wall of flames from immolating him and 345 of his fellow Junior Citizens.
On his graduation, he was immediately snapped up by Power Services, and was soon assigned to Combustion Services, where he rose to the rank of Blue by age 29. He was then transferred to Fuel Acquisition, where he made a name for himself by his innovative program which developed the Outdated Paperwork Engine, burning now out-dated forms to provide energy for the entire sector. This earned him promotion to Indigo.
Deleted for Security Reasons
Even as the smoke cleared, he was promoted to Ultraviolet 6 years ago. And he has made this sector a better place.



MTK Power Services have become known for their innovative capacity to find ways to fuel things and for their skill at sneaking toxic wastes into other sectors.

Special Projects

THE COIL: It looks like a gigantic pair of giant coils elevated on a crossbar high above Power Services HQ. If the rumors are true, it's not just art, it's an innovative new source of power.


Power Services HQ is inside a restricted sub-sector which contains many nuclear reactors and waste disposal facilities. It is rumored that it is the only sub-sector where the power never goes out. It certainly has more wiring per square mile than anywhere else. It is located near the easternmost corner of the sector.