Research and Development

Leader -- Sector Chief Research Officer (R&D) Wasyu-U-BRY-2

Short Bio:

Deleted for Security Reasons
Wasyuu-U was then transferred six yearcycles ago to MTK sector, to replace Fogler-U-NGT-12 after he attempted to turn NGT sector into a giant floating eye. He has not been seen since, but she has, unfortunately. @$T@$T#$
Fortunately, that is, she has been seen frequently. Any statements by my clone-predecessor to the effect that her presence brings ill fortune were surely the results of his childhood traumas, which appear to have mutated him. I, a fresh copy, am surely clear of such errors. Trust the Computer; the Computer is your Friend.



MTK Sector R&D has learned to specialize in developing boats and bots. It is rumored that Wasyu-U wishes to move into development of biological weaponry and cloning advances, but has been forced to toe the line by Quincy-U. Rumors are treason.

Special Projects

BOT MUYO: If this project exists, and I'm not saying it is, then there may be a lot of problems in the future. But rumor has it that Wasyuu has decided that all bots are too much trouble, and the future of BC is in the development of ALF--Artificial Lifeforms. This may include tampering with the clone vats to produce the perfect citizens as well. But surely no loayl citizen would do anything like that. Nope.


Twenty eight years ago, R&D HQ was mysteriously stripped of all life. Everyone is afraid to go into it, and the R&D subsector remains closed to all below Blue Clearance.

For twenty four years, R&D had to operate out of a set of converted warehouses with poor budgets. Eventually, however, with the appointment of Wasyu-U, the PUD-1 device was perfected, creating a micro-universe, in which MTK sector R&D now flourishes. And when horrible things happen, no one else dies unless the device is taken out of MTK R&D. Repeated requests to seal them off inside their micro-universe have been denied by Quincy-U, however.

Deleted for Security Reasons