Red-Clearance Dormitory #56-MTK

There are 120 Red Clearance Dormitories in MTK Sector, of which 95 are currently full or mostly full, while the other 25 are under repair, crumbling into ruin, full of radioactive monsters and / or wastes, or are being used for experiments.

Red-Clearance Dormitory #56 is located in southwestern MTK Sector, in Sub-Sector 25, about halfway between CPU Core and MTKWOOD. It lies along Automated Pedestrian Highway #59, which moves at 30 MPH at top speeds, when it is working. The Highway is lined with Red Clearance Cafeterias and dormitories.

Red-Clearance Dormitory #56 is roughly 300 by 300 feet at the ground level, and about sixteen stories high. Fifteen stories contain bedrooms, while the ground floor contains offices, and the living quarters of the Green Dorm Supervisor. It has four underground levels as well, which contain stored goods, extra furniture, repair workshops, life support, power sources, and at least one Blue Clearance Area of use unknown to its inhabitants. Each floor contains 18 Red Living Centres, 5 Red Entertainment Centres, and 1 Red Cleansing Centre. There may be as many as 12 or 13 washing machines which actually work in all the RCCs combined. It also contains a maze of hallways which connect everything, and staircases every so often that go up and down connecting the floors. Each floor also has a small set of rooms for a Yellow Clearance Floor Administrator and his 5 Orange Assistant Floor Administrators.

A total of 16,200 clones could live here if the place was at capacity. In general, about 15,800 clones live here at any given time, with the population fluctuating up and down as clones die and are eventually replaced by new tenants.

Members of Power Services, Tech Services, PLC, R&D, CPU, and INTSEC all live here; only the administrators and a handful of other clones are from HPD&MC and Armed Forces maintains its own barracks inside Fortress MTK for the most part.

Dorm Supervisor

This dorm is administered by Grun-G-GUY-4, who is slightly cranky and often rather uncaring about your problems, if you can even get an appointment to see him. He seems to have quite a knack for sometimes showing up to squash treason without being called, just enough that people sometimes take risks, but usually aren't QUITE crazy enough.