The Ship Channel

In the yearcycle 106 of the Computer Reckoning, it became apparent that the former waterways of Bubblegum Complex were not filling the needs of the complex. Many Sectors were not served by these waterways, and thus were cut off from the flows of goods which travelled between those sectors which possessed such. This excited jealousies.

It was thus decided to dig and flood a series of Ship Channels between parts of the Complex. Ship Channel #1 was initiated in yearcycle 108. Due to various complications, it was not completed until yearcycle 212, and only for some values of 'completed'. (This is complicated by the destruction of 42 sectors it was supposed to serve, the reorganization and division and fusion of 28 other sectors existing at its initiation into now 103, and by the movement of 38 others due to geological drift and R&D experiments.)

It now serves 106 sectors, 78 of which are actually occupied, and 28 of which actually meet Official Sector Specification Code Gamma. Among the most notable are:

The Ship Channel is basically a giant canal, 800 feet deep, which wends its way through the sectors it serves, connecting a series of Ship Harbors and other facilities. The actual water is Blue Clearance; the air above it is Infrared Clearance for the first 500 feet, and then Blue Clearance above that.

You are not cleared to know what circulates the water.

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