MTK Sector Ship Harbor

In the Year 178, Ship Channel #1 reached MTK Sector, and construction began on the MTK Sector Ship Harbor. Five yearcycles later, it was finished.

Since then, the Ship Harbor, about 1 mile wide, has served as a berth for untold numbers of AquaTransBots?. It can hold hundreds of them simultaneously, and is adjacent to a vast PLC warehouse complex for storage of goods. Fortress MTK also fronts on the Ship Harbor, containing its own gated harbor. Armed Forces Patrol Boats enforce order in the harbor and fight pirates. Commie Mutant Pirates, to be precise, who often seem to raid from CRB sector.

Clones on a Compulsory Vacation often come down to the Docks for an Extra-Fun Pleasure Cruise, whose quality varies by their Security Clearance.

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