Slurry Vat #17

Slurry Vat #17 is located in Food-Processing Centre #18, in sub-level 8 of Sub-Sector 19, which is located just a little east of MTKWOOD.

It is used to produce Happy Slurry, one of eight different food selections which Infrared, Red, and Orange Citizens share in common. The base slurry is produced in a mixing vat, combining Deleted for Security Reasons, Deleted for Security Reasons, Soylent Infrared, Deleted for Security Reasons, some more Deleted for Security Reasons, and Insane Clown Posse Salt.

Once the slurry is fully mixed, it is then poured into a heating vat by a team of expert INFRARED citizens led by a well-trained RED supervisor. Another team takes over, watching over the heating vat for the full 24 hours it takes to slowly heat the slurry to the proper temperature, using advanced technologies to keep it stirred. Remember--clumpy slurry does not make clones happy!

Then, it is moved to a cooling vat and allowed to settle into three layers. The cream is skimmed for Orange Citizens, mixed with Fruit Sugar Substitute and Orange Dye #3, and carefully frozen into blocks to form Happy Slurry Cubes for Orange Citizens.

The second layer is extracted with great ladles and poured into long trenches, where other teams mix Artifical Sugar Substitute and Red Dye #5 into it, then pour it into a series of packages, which will be distributed as Happy Slurry Pudding to fortunate Red Citizens.

The remaining layer then has Synthetic Artifical Sugar Substitute added to it, then is mixed to get the sugar to spread evenly through the slurry, after which the liquid is pumped into feeding tanks which will be distributed to Infrared Cafeterias for food injection purposes.

Vat #17 is, however, still under repairs in the aftermath of the Tragedy of Vat #17. Traitors of unknown origin infiltrated Food-Processing Centre #18 and replaced the Soylent Infrared with Liquid Communism! This was undetected by the traitorously incompetent Red supervisors, who allowed the entire vat to be tainted with Communism.

Thankfully, the very food itself refused to submit and fought back. The result was an explosion which destroyed the Mixing Vat and damaged 8 other Vats. A total of 42 clones were slain in the disaster--2 Orange, 4 Red, and 36 Infrareds. But that was only the beginning.

The explosion created massive amounts of vapors which soon flooded the entire facility. Gaseous Communism attacked the poor, helpless workers, overwhelming them with delusions and visions.

Overwhelmed by madness, they opened the doors, allowing the Gaseous Communism to escape, attacking thousands of other clones. Fortunately, the heroic air conditioning systems eventually clogged, preventing a further spread, and IntSec restored order with only six thousand deaths. Rumors that it was necessary to unleash Warbots Mark II are treason.

Tens of thousands of clones were left with psychological damage; heroic HPD&MC workers have been working around the clock to counsel them and heal their mental wounds, and we are happy to report that 87% of them have returned to full functionality.

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