Tech Services

Leader -- Sector Chief Technician (Tech Services) Raven-U-NST-4

Short Bio:

Decanted 74 yearcycles ago in Deleted for Security Reasons, Raven-NST-1 became famous in his Junior Citizen Creche for his ability to fix things. After he actually fixed the FoodDispenserBot?, he was earmarked by Tech Services for Great Things.
Marked by a great love of bots, Raven earned his promotion to Red Clearance by saving a group of scrubbots from the actions of the Frankenstein Destroyers. His rise was rapid afterwards; Bots seem to love him and his talent at fixing them was immense.
By the age of 42, he had become Sector Chief Technician of NST sector. However, fifteen yearcycles ago, NST sector was chosen to become a nuclear waste dumping ground. Despite the tragic deaths of six of the High Programmers on the committee which made this decision, the High Programmers of NST sector were all transferred out of it. Due to a small error, most of the other inhabitants were not.
The resulting Mutant Wars rocked the complex for nearly six Yearcycles, during which Raven-U bounced from job to job, finally ending up being assigned to MST sector. His able command of repair crews was crucial to the victory of Warbot forces at the battle of DNB Sector.
He was then allowed to 'retire' to MTK sector, where he continues to serve Friend Computer ably.



Due to the PLC focus on Bot and Ship production, MTK Tech Serv is especially skillful at fixing bots and ships.

Special Projects

THE BOT REPAIR KITBOT: In a fit of brilliance, Raven-U has realized that many of the problems of bot repair, such as the lack of high level clearance operatives in sufficient numbers who are cleared to know how to repair important bots can be avoided by creating Bot Repair Kits which are themselves Bots and contain the necessary information. Lower clearance clones could then work with these Bot Repair Kitbots to perform all the necessary maintenance. This would enable Tech Services to provide a higher level of service.

Rumors that this is part of a project to remove humans from bot repair entirely as a prelude to a Bot Takeover of the sector are, of course, treason.


Tech Services has staked out its turf on the western side of the Sector, inside an odd cul-de-sac, created by the detonation 30 years ago of RON Sector Reactor #32. It has since been detoxed and is perfectly harmless and safe. Certainly everything inside the sub-sector is in perfect condition.

By special contract with HPD&MC, Tech Services maintains a set of dormitories and cafeterias which are used for practice runs by its employees, as part of their training. This has led many clones to clamor for a chance to live there, upon realizing this means that EVERYTHING IS FIXED REGULARLY. (Many lose their enthusiasm after prolonged exposure to the efforts of Tech Services staff to cook food...)