There are a variety of safe and fun ways to get around MTK sector.

Air Travel

Most clones never fly, unless they are military or PLC transporters. However, it is possible to book a flight to another sector (if you are high clearance and wealthy), and some high clearance clones have their own vehicles.

MTK Sector has its own airport, located a little east of CPU HQ.

Air Vehicles


Endless miles of corridors link just about everything, either underground or in elevated walkways. Almost any location can EVENTUALLY be reached on foot for free.

Some corridors have moving strips which can facilitate transit. The higher the clearance, the more often they work.

Automated Pedestrian Highways

Certain areas are designated Automated Pedestrian Highways. These contain a series of moving strips; the innermost moves up to 100 miles an hour. A series of slower ones gradually gradiant outwards to a walking speed. Travellers hop from strip to strip to speed up or slow down.

This system never goes wrong or malfunctions, nor are they ever shut down to clean up gore. Rumors are Treason.

Land Vehicles

A variety of roads and highways connect the regions of the sector, allowing land vehicles to 'easily' move around. Low-clearance citizens may sometimes have to go way out of their way because of the tendency of high clearance citizens to have large road swathes cleared only for them to reduce congestion.

Eight major Trans-Sector Highways connect the Sector with other sectors; large numbers of Transbots use these to haul goods. At High Speed. With Poor Brakes.

Land Vehicles


These are basically cylindical tubes with seats and handgrips in them. They fire people across the sector or complex at high speed. Some travel between sectors, while others simply move around the sector.

Transtube MTK Prime runs from Fortress MTK through the Ship Harbor, PLC HQ, CPU HQ and down to HPD&MC HQ. It is the largest and most heavily trafficed.

Transtube service inside the sector is free, if you can find one you're cleared for with space for you. However...

There are Express Transtubes. Extra-fast, if you have the money and if high-clearance clones aren't hogging them, you can pay the low fee of 100 credits * Security Clearance (Infrared = 1, Red = 2, etc.) to use them and be whisked all over the place at high speed. You will probably survive.


Water Vehicles

The Ship Channel provides the main water route through the sector, connecting it to other sectors. Subsidiary Ship Channels flow through several sub-sectors, connecting facilities to the Ship Channel and to the MTK Ship Harbor.

Water Travel normally requires filling out appropriate forms or being assigned to boat duty, though the highest clearance citizens have private boats.

Water Vehicles