Compulsory Vacation

It has come to the awareness of Friend Computer that Clones function better if they are periodically allowed a vacation, enabling them to forget all their problems for a time. Since Friend Computer is urgently desirous that everyone be happy, Friend Computer has argued that every Clone periodically take a Compulsory Vacation.

Consultation of Old Reckoning Archives has indicated that in the past, Clones were typically alloted two weekcycles vacation a year, so Friend Computer has determined that each Clone will be alloted one Weekcycle Vacation every six months; once beginning on his Decanting day, and once six months after that.

Every Sector is required to maintain Compulsory Recreation and Vacation Resort facilities for its clones; higher clearance clones often have the opportunity to travel to special resorts reserved for high clearance personel in other sectors.

What follows is a brief listing of some typical possibilities for Compulsory Recreation and Vacation facilities in the average sector:

Recreation resorts exist for all clearances, but at the lowest clearances, by the time you get permission to go, your vacation is over. They typically consist of recreation facilities coupled with housing and food equivalent to that enjoyed by one higher clearance level than yours.