Nanbara is a wiggly freak of a five year old, noted for his tendency to try to solve every problem by exploiting his ability to make his arms and legs stretch really long distances. Or by turning into an animal.

He also seems to think he's a genius. Sadly, he is mistaken.

Physically, he's dark haired with violet eyes and pale skin.


Random is a quirky six year old girl, noted for her incredibly vicious bite (though she's doing it less now that she's a little older). Nobody knows quite what she's thinking, as she often tends to just be content with lurking in the background with an odd little smile.

She also humms a lot.

Physically, she's white-haired with dark skin and blue eyes.


"I see dead people. Waiwai!"

Akari is the slightly mischievous sort, and quite energetic and happy. She likes to make paper dolls and make them dance around a bit with the little bit of magic that her mother's been teaching her. She also has a habit of talking to things that either aren't there, or only she can see herself. Or maybe they're just her imaginary friends.

She has slightly tanned skin and purplish-red hair, with a rather distinctive cowlick in front that sticks up.