What is Magick? Magick are the arts of magic which work everywhere in shadow that magic works at all. Indeed, the simple arts of Power Words work in all Shadows, for they draw their power from within the caster. Magick is the weakest of the Powers, but probably also the most flexible. If you can imagine it, magic can do it, but keep in mind that the greater Powers (Shapeshifting, Logrus, Pattern, Trump, etc) can typically overcome it in a duel of Powers.

Magick does not require one to possess the blood of Amber or Chaos or Regis Philbin. Every shadow has its own laws of magic, and who can do it varies greatly by shadow. In some shadows, everyone is a sorceror, in others, virtually no one is. Sorcerors who lack another way to mold and study reality, such as Pattern, Broken Pattern, Logrus, etc, become helpless if they travel too many shadows away from home, because they can't easily determine how magic works there. Those who do have power over reality by other means can quickly adapt to the new laws as they move from shadow to shadow, and thus have a massive advantage. Still, the wise Amberite does not look down on Brian the mage because his powers fail in Amber, for they know that back in Garweeze World, Brian the mage will kick their butt on his home ground unless they have had time to carefully study how magic works there, and maybe even then.

There is no particular pattern to Shadow which explains why Magick works in the shadows it does, although it does tend to become stronger towards Chaos simply because the Shadows there are flimsier and more malleable. Yet Chaos Sorcery also becomes less predictable as it grows in strength.

How does one become a Magician?

Magic requires some sort of initiation which awakens one's potential for magic. There are a million forms of initiation practiced across Shadow. They have a few aspects in common:

What are the paths of Magickal Power?

Magic can be subdivided into three paths typically followed by Magicians.

What are some defenses against Magick?

Invasive magics can be resisted with Psyche.

Pattern, Logrus, and Trump can be used defensively to prevent invasive magics working and to reduce the effects of non-invasive magics.

Sorcerors can also defend against each other's magic by using counterspells. This comes down to a psyche vs. psyche battle as to which succeeds.

In some shadows, items or behaviors which ward off magic may exist.

Hack the mage to death or keep hitting him so he can't get his spells off.

Cold Iron helps too.

Basic Magical Power

Magickal Initiation

The character has the potential to develop skills with power words, sorcery, and conjuration/artificing. The character can now see magical energies, enabling them to detect spells in progress, magical items, and enchantments. They can also tell if the shadow they are in allows magic and with time can find the sources of magical energy in it.