Power Words are brief, limited use, highly directed works of magic. Despite their name, they're not necessarily words; mystic gestures or sign language, special whistles, even simple runes scratched on a surface or traced in the air all fall under the term Power Words. Any medium that requires little or no preparation is suitable for delivering a Power Word. In fact, almost any medium at all can be used, though needing to spend 10 minutes painting a picture does tend to negate their usual utility.

There are no special requirements for learning Power Words, anyone with the time and determination can do so. It helps to have a tutor to unlock the most basic potential, but it's not necessary.

Endurance is of primary importance to a Power Word user, as all the words consume the life force of their invoker to function. Psyche is also important, as some Power Words can only affect their targets if the user has a Psyche advantage over them.

Power Word Partial Power Breakdown

requires Magick Initiation (5 points)

Power Word Potential

The first step to being able to use Power Words is to learn to tap your inner life force, causing it to be turned into the sort of magical energy that drives Power Words.

Advanced Power Word Potential

Once the basics of Power Word Potential are mastered, the Power Word user moves on to being able to invoke Advanced Power Words, digging deeper into their life force and learning to convert large amounts of it in a single burst.

Exalted Power Word Potential

The ultimate level of Power Words, allowing the user to use large quantities of thier life force directly, producing effects that rival many simple Sorcery spells.

Alternate Power Word Forms

Most users of Power Words pick one particular form of invocation for their Power Words and stick with it. However, once you've mastered the basic principles, it's actually quite easy to develop the ability to invoke the same forces in other ways. Someone who has learned Alternate Power Word Forms can choose another style for his invocation of words. There is no functional difference in how well the words work or any other factors, only in how they are used. Primarily useful for purposes of disguise or using Words in situations where normal invocation isn't possible due to circumstances. Each time this is learned gives you another Form to use.

Power Word Boost

Under normal conditions, Power Words are learned and used at a certain level of power. However, in dire times, a little more than what the character normally taps is required. By digging down deep, a Power Word user can dump large quantities of his life force into an invocation, producing a greater than normal effect. Boosting a Power Word this way effectively doubles its normal effect; it does not turn it into a more advanced version (Advanced or Exalted) and thus give any of the benefits for higher levels, it only increases the normal effect. The price for doing a Boost is terrible, requiring 5 times the normal amount of energy. A human trying to boost an Advanced Power word will kill himself doing so. A single boosted Exalted word is enough to make an Amberite exhausted. This is a measure of desperation, not a tactic to be used on a normal basis.

Advanced Power Word Boost

Sometimes, even a normally boosted Power Word isn't enough. For the truly insane and desperate, Advanced Power Word boost is available. By expending 20 times the normal energy, 5 times the normal result can be achieved. A human will always die when attempting to Advanced Boost any word. An Amberite who advance boosts a single Basic Power Word will be exhausted and doing so to an Advanced Power Word will be fatal. Advance boosting an Exalted Power Word would exhaust even Corwin, and would be instantly fatal to even those with moderate levels of Endurance. This is generally only used in situations where death has already been assured, to make one final, hopefully telling, blow.

Area Power Words

A different form of Power Boost. By using extra life energy, the Power Word now affects a small area, rather than a single target. For 5 times the energy, the area is approximate 2 meters across, enough to get 2 or 3 people close together; for 20 times the energy the area is 5 meters across. The effect is not otherwise changed as with a Power Boost, though it's possible to use both forms of enhancement on a single power word, with a cumulative penalty. Note that attempting to do a Advance Boosted with 5 meter Area version of even a Basic Power Word would kill Corwin dead (using up 400x normal energy), probably without even getting the word off. This is why people use Sorcery for more dramatic effects.

Power Backed Power Words

For those Power Word users who have access to the energy of one or more of the Primal Powers of Pattern, Logrus, or Trump, it is possible to add small amounts of that energy to make their words more effective. Pattern tends to assist Burst, Create, and Quell type words, Logrus helps Disrupt, Destroy, and Induce words, and Trump helps all words to a lesser degree. In general, adding a major Power to a word makes it more effective and harder to defend against, even using powers like Logrus Defense or Pattern Defense. Power Backed Power Words need only be bought once to cover all three Powers, but a single word can only be backed by one Power at a time, even if the user has more than one.

Power Word Mechanics

Power Words are arranged into 1-point words (Basic Power Words), 2-point words (Advanced Power Words), and 4-point words (Exalted Power Words). Most Power Words are actually arranged into small groups that include a Basic, Advanced and Exalted version of the same effect. Additionally this groups are often part of a more generic family of words that all do similar things. For example, the Burst family of words includes, among others, the groups for Strength, Psyche, Magic and so on. The Burst of Strength group, in turn, contains a Basic, Advanced and Exalted versions of the word, of varying degrees of power.

Energy Expenditure

The main attribute that drives a Power Word is Endurance, as the energy involved comes directly from the life force of its user. Invoking a Power Word uses a number of points of energy equal to its cost to to learn: 1 for Basic, 2 for Advanced, 4 for Exalted.

Tired Exhausted In a Coma / Dead
Human 3 6 9
Chaos 6 12 18
Amber 12 24 36
Ranked 12 + (Rank/4) 24 + (Rank/2) 36 + (Rank)

Looking at the above table, a user with human level of Endurance, 3 points of Power Words will make him tired, 3 more will leave him exhausted, and another 3 would put him in a coma or kill him, assuming he didn't pass out. Corwin, God of Endurance, could probably dish out 40 or so points of Power Words before even breaking a sweat. A shadow Human would feel faint after invoking a single Exalted (4 point) Power Word, and a second without rest would probably leave him with permanent severe brain damage.


In general the Endurance of the Power Word user determines how effective they are, but for those Power Words that impose on a target or attempt to disrupt the workings of another, the contest of Psyche determines the level of effectiveness. As a rule of thumb, if the user's Psyche is greater, the word is effective, and if not, the word has reduced (or even no) effect.

The other factor in effectiveness is how often the words are used. The first time a Power Word is used on a target is the most effective. After that, each repetition is successively less useful as the target adapts to it. The greater the target's Psyche in comparison to the user, the less the times it's useful. If the Psyches are equal the first time or two will have full effect, then next one or two reduced effect, and after that, no or very limited effect. Brand using Neural Disrupt on someone with Amber Psyche would probably be able to use it a dozen or more times at full effect then another dozen at reduced effect, before they finally learned the trick of deflecting it.

Naming Targets

Naming a target can effectively increases the user's Psyche, making Power Words used against them more useful, and useful more often. Naming a target does not imply the name need be said aloud, just like a Power Word could actually be a gesture or bit of song. It does mean the character must have a clear Psychic Impression of the target, either from direct mental contact (trump, magic, Psyche) or by knowing a great deal about them, such as their full True Name.

Further, the more dramatically superior the target's Psyche is, the better the impression the user must have for this to be useful. A character with Amber Psyche trying to Induce Terror on Brand would need to have studied him for decades or even centuries and been in direct contact with his mind on multiple occasions. And even then, the effect would be very brief and extremely unlikely to work a second time. On the other hand, a couple casual conversations about philosophy, or a few trump contacts, would be enough to make up only a few points of difference. However, the same stipulation that it's only good enough for a limited time effect still holds.

It should also be noted that the sorts of mental and social interaction that gives an advantage for using Power Words against a target tends to give them the same advantage for using their Power Words in return.

Repeated Usage

While repeated use on the same target makes a word less effective, this resistence is not permanent. Over time the idosyncrasies of a the invoker's Power Words change and the target begins to forget the exact details of warding it off. However, much like riding a bicycle, it does come back fairly quickly.

For example, when Corwin and Eric square off, they have equal Psyche. If Corwin were to use Neural Disrupt on Eric repeatedly in their fight, by the fourth or fifth time Eric could shrug it off without much effort. But when they next met, months or years down the road, the first time or two Corwin will be able to Neural Disrupt Eric, until Eric remembers the exact trick.

As a rule of thumb, if a person has acquired a tolerence, it slowly fades over the period of a month or so, but comes back in about half the number of uses that it took to develop in the first place.

Guidelines for Creating New Power Words

Defining a Power Word

There are a few central aspects that define a Power Word:

Instantaneous to invoke, lasting 5 seconds at absolute most.
One clear effect, conceptually simple with no complex logic.
One clear target, usually the user, an object, or a person.

To illustrate these concepts, assume a character were creating some words to manipulate fire. To be Fast, a word that caused a sword to be wreathed in flames could only last for a single attack. A word which cause flames to leap from an existing fire onto a target would violate the Direct aspect, needing to specify both the fire and the target, however, a word which caused the fire to spit flames in all directions would work. Shooting a fireball that homed in on the target someone would not be Simple, requiring some sort of logic to find and follow the target. But a word which shot a single jet of fire from the user's hand to target would be reasonable.

Additionally, since Power Words draw on the user's life force, there is a very definite limit to how much they can do.


Here are some basic guidelines for what sort of things Power Words of various strengths can do

Basic Power Words

Advanced Words

Exalted Words

Grimoire of Power Words

The following are examples of some fairly common power words, broken down by family and type, and then individually explained.

Burst / Disrupt

Strength, Psyche, Neural, Life, Structure Magic, Conjuration, Energy, Luck, Trump, Pattern, Logrus, Shapeshifting

Burst and Disrupt Power Words are two sides of the same coin. Burst adds a dose of ordered energy which accelerates and otherwise enhances various phenomenon, while Disrupt uses unordered energy, which slows or even negates those same phenomenon. Normally, Burst words are used to enhance the user's own abilities, while Disrupt are used against a target to reduce theirs. Additionally, Advanced and Exalted forms of the words that use invoke greater powers (Shapeshifting, Trump, Pattern, or Logrus) require the user have at least Basic levels of those powers, to be able to draw and manipulate the energies involved. It is possible to use Basic power Burst and Disrupt words without having that power.

Neural Burst
Formerly Burst of Speed. Gives a short-term Warfare boost, in the form of improved reaction, coordination, dexterity, and speed.
Neural Disrupt
Causes a brief spell of twitching, uncoordination, slow reactions, and lowers speed and otherwise reduces a person's Warfare. Often used on the user's opponent at a critical point in a battle.
Burst of Life
Formerly Lifeforce. At Basic level, disrupts damaging energies but performs no healing. At Advanced it can heal trivial wounds (small bruises, papercuts, hangnails) and help shake off minor illness or very weak poisons. At Exalted level it will heal minor wounds (small cuts, light sprains or strains), cure or reduce some illnesses (colds for example), and disrupt moderately weak poisons.
Disrupt Life
Basic level makes the target feel slightly ill. At Advanced, makes the target feel quite ill, possibly enough to momentarily disable those with Human Endurance; those with high Endurance will be mostly unaffected. At Exalted level, this can kill those with Human Endurance and make those with Amber Endurance feel very ill; even Corwin might get a shudder.
Burst of Structure
Gives an object a momentary inrease in damage resistance. Usually used on an object just before something impacts with it. Handy for the moment before landing during a fall, or on a sheild or armor about to be hit by a sword. At Advanced or Exalted levels this could allow an otherwise normal bit of armor or even clothing to turn an enchanted weapon.
Disrupt Structure
Formerly Weaken Object. Alters the structure of an item to make it momentarily less resistant to damage. Usually used just as something is about to hit the target, such as using it on armor just as a sword strikes it. At Basic level the effect is fairly minimal; armor might provide reduced protection for example. At Advanced normal armor would tend to shatter under a decent blow. At Exhalted non-magical armor would probably crack under the pressure of normal air and gravity.
Burst of Magic
Turns the users life force into Magical power. Primarily useful for enhancing the effect of Sorceries or Conjurations, triggering effects, or getting noticed. At Advanced and Exhalted levels, this can release enough energy to power a small Sorceries in areas where they might not otherwise be possible. Disrupt Magic: Formerly Magic Negation. Disrupts the subtle and precise control necessary to perform Sorcery and other forms of magical spells. Because Magic requires such precision in power, at Basic level it can handle most normal spells. It can also momentarily turn off weaker items of power. At Advanced level it can disrupt even spells infused with other Powers, and disrupt non-permanent Conjurations enough to dispel them and supress some more powerful items of power. At Exalted level it will disrupt nearly any Sorcery or Conjuration, even those that are normally permanent or in progress (rather than those still in the act of being cast), and can turn off all but the most powerful artifacts for a few brief instants.
Burst of Conjuration
Used on an item that has been Conjured or Empowered, this word can prevent the conjuration from being dispelled by hostile magic or shadow conditions. Note that if the shadow conditions change detrimentally, this word must be employed repeatedly to prevent the destruction of the empowerment or conjuration.
Disrupt Conjuration
Also known as Item Negation. A more focussed version of Disrupt Magic that specifically attacks the energies involved in maintaining Conjurations. At Basic level this will generally destroy any item that would have naturaly faded in time. At Advanced level, it will destroy anything that would be damaged by shadow movement. At Exalted level, it will destroy anything that's not backed by a superior power or being actively maintained by the conjurer. If the class of the item is greater than the power word, then the item isn't destroyed, but may cease functioning for a moment. If the Psyche of the creator of an item is signficantly greater than the user of this word, the item resists as if it were the next better class of item.
Burst of Energy
Formerly Process Surge. Causes a mechanical, chemical, or energy process to function more efficiently and quickly. Good for making a car run faster or get a stalled engine running, having a fire burn hotter or brighter, making an acid destroy a sword more efficiently. As with all power words, the effect only lasts a moment. This is a catchall version of Burst for anything that doesn't have a more specific word available; used on something that another word exists for it won't be as powerful.
Disrupt Energy
Formerly Process Snuff. The reverse of Burst Process, damping or slowing mechanical, chemical, or energy process. A car would stall, a fire would flicker or sputter, and acid might only etch the sword rather than destroying it.
Burst of Luck
Formerly Defensive Luck. Generates a temporary amount of Good Stuff that influences things favorably for the user. Since luck is entirely a subjective and random thing, using it when there's a greater possibility for a change is more likely to work. Using it standing still in the middle of an empty room is unlikely to do anything. Using it just as you try to jump across a chasm while standing on icy ground is a lot more likely to help. Using it just as you're rolling a pair of dice is almost certain to help. Even at Exalted level though, a Burst of Luck is unlikely to change the inevitable, and any Burst of Luck only lasts a short time, meaning it might save you from slipping, but once you're falling it's much less likely to be able help.
Disrupt Luck
Provides, in effect, a very short term bit of Bad Stuff for the target. As with Burst of Luck, best used when the potential for disaster already exists. Used on a target about to step into traffic is much more effective than on one sitting quietly on a featureless plain.
Burst of Trump
Mainly used to help overcome interference or distance to establish a Trump connection.
Disrupt Trump
Targets an active Trump card, disrupting any connection. Can also work against Living Trumps and Trump powered spells, artifacts, or constructs.
Burst of Pattern
Generates a very small burst of Pattern energy, which can help ward off or disrupt lesser powers affecting the user.
Disrupt Pattern
Useful for momentarily disrupting constructs, spells, and artifacts that draw on Pattern energy, or helping to overcome someone using Pattern Defense.
Burst of Logrus
Call forth a small amount of Logrus energy, which can break up or ward off some types of energies.
Disrupt Logrus
Impose enough order to possibly temporarily disrupt Logrus based spells, constructs, weapons, or tendrils.
Burst of Shapeshifting
Aka Instant Shift. Provides a controlled burst of energy that allows a shapeshift to shift more rapidly or with less effort. Since Shapeshifting requires concentration on the part of the user, using it on an unwilling victim is generally ineffective. At Exhalted levels, this could give very slight Shapeshifting abilities to a non-shapeshifter, and indeed, this is one way that people learn to become Shapeshifters.
Disrupt Shapeshifting
Formerly Resume True Form. Gives the target a burst of uncontrolled shapeshifting energy. Normally this causes the target to revert to their 'natural' form. At Advanced level, it will work even on highly skilled shifters, and can cause very slightly (nearly unnoticable) changes even in a natural form. At Exhalted level, even in natural forms this Power Word will cause an easily observable change (usually rippling or changes in colors). Note that not all shapeshifters have a human form as their natural one.

Create / Destroy

Fire, Sound, Light, Energy, Matter

Create and Destroy Power Words are generally more limited than Burst/Disrupt? words, as weaving and unmaking reality takes a good bit of energy.


Induce / Quell

Pain, Pleasure, Euphoria, Fear, Tiredness, Boredom, Trust, and Awe

Induce Power Words cause an emotion or physical sensation in their target. Quell Power Words remove the same. Because Induce and Quell Power Words are so invasive, if the target is unwilling it takes a clear Psyche Advantage for them to work. Even a very clear Psychic Impression is unlikely to if the caster is any significantly weaker than the target. On the other hand, because they operation below a rational level, the target of one of these words may not realize they've been affected. And while the Power Word may cease to work after a short time, the emotion may last until the target stops to examine their feelings, particularly if it doesn't run counter to their normal nature.

Induce Pain
Causes a brief, but intense, pain in the target. In general, the more Endurance the target has, the better they resist any negative effects. An Exhalted version of this word can kill a person with Human level Endurance just from the sheer shock.
Induce Pleasure
For a moment, the target feels intense physical pleasure. The Advanced and Exalted versions are often jokingly referred to as 'Power Word Orgasm' and 'Power Word Multiple-Orgasm'. While not dangerous, this can be quite distracting or embarassing if used at the right moment.
Induce Euphoria
The target feels happy and euphoric for a few seconds. An unaggressive target will generally stop noticing what is going on around them for the duration. While not as useful in combat as a Neural Disrupt, it has the advantage that the target may not realize that the happiness was caused by someone else. At Advanced and Exalted levels, even aggressive targets may stop and just bask in their happiness.
Induce Fear
Fills the target with irrational anxiety. If effective the target will lose all concentration and panic for a second. Animals, or creatures of similarly low intelligence, will generally bolt and keep running even after the fear fades. At Advanced levels, this word produces outright terror in the target. Even targets with superior Psyche will feel a sense of dread, though the effect will be otherwise minimal. Named targets or those of lower psyche will usually attempt to flee by whatever means possible.
Induce Tiredness
Causes the target to become tired for a moment. If the target is already tired, or an Advanced or Exalted version of this used, the target may well fall asleep. While the Tiredness itself only lasts a few seconds, anyone who goes to sleep will probably remain that way until disturbed or they wake naturally.
Induce Boredom
Much like Euphoria, Boredom can cause targets to become uninterested in further pursuing an activity. At higher levels, the target may actively seek to do something else.
Induce Trust
Makes the target like, respect and believe those around them, particularly with respect to any statements made. As with other Induce words, the effect is short, but unless the target has reason to reevaluate their feeling, they'll generally continue to accept it.
Induce Awe
For a moment, the target will find something to be particularly awe-inspiring. The user does not get to specify what the target will pick, but may be able to arrange things so that they are the most impressive thing for the affected person to fixate on. Because Awe is such a powerful force, this word tends to wear off as soon as it would normally end, but if it doesn't, the effects tend to last long enough to defy rationality.


Twiddle, Mark, Mold, Fix, Cook, Clean, Shadow Step, Shield, Hand of Steel

These are words that don't fit cleanly into some larger family.

Cause something mechanical to happen. At Basic levels this can make a machine perform it's normal function in it's normal fashion. Flip a switch, open a door, turn a light on or off, lock or unlock a lock etc. At Advanced level it can cause a machine to perform it's normal function in an unusual fashion, such as making a lock open with no key, causing a microwave to run with the door open, make a vending machine spit out free candy, or making a fire detector sense smoke when there isn't any. At Exalted level, Twiddle can cause a machine to perform any function it possesses in any fashion, so long as it doesn't require active control from an operator. A car could be made to start without a key, but couldn't be steered. A computer could delete all it's files, but not have a word processing document typed up. A gun could fire, but not be aimed.
Also known as Wizard's Mark. Create an arcane mark on the target. The mark can be visible or merely psychic, but anyone with any Magical ability will be able to note its presence and recognize it. At Basic level, it lasts a few minutes. At Advanced levels, several hours. At Exhalted, several days. A particuarly large Psyche advantage can extend the amount of time the mark lasts. Not horribly useful, though it could potentially be used as a long-range target for Sorcery spells.
Also known as Shift Object or Shift Feature. Changes one feature of a shadow object almost instantly. Can change coinage into local coinage, one color into another, a hostile dog into a friendly one, etc. The harder it is to shift shadow in the area, the more likely the shifting is to fall short of the desired change.
Makes minor repairs to a shadow object. At Basic level this could fix a cracked mug or vase, straighten a slightly bent shield, or polish dinged armor. At Advanced level it could repair chips, remove dents, and polish away modest rust. At Exhalted it can reassemble a shattered glass, reform tears and rends and restore even relatively severe corrosion.
Prepares food from raw ingredients. At Basic level, the user could prepare a single dish. At Advanced level, a simple meal for two people. Exalted Cook would prepare an entire elaborate meal for several people.
Wash, polish, scrub and otherwise clean target objects, ranging from a single small object at Basic to a small room at Exalted.
Shadow Step
There is no Basic level version of Shadow Step. The Advanced Power Word version allows a quick, uncontrolled shift into an adjacent shadow. Useful for getting away from an enemy, but you may end up lost, and any shadow shifter can find you in only a few seconds. At the Exhalted Level, the shift can be controlled. The character can Step out of combat, run a few feet, and Step back into the original shadow, appearing behind their bewildered opponent. Note that anyone with Advanced Pattern or Logrus will instantly understand what happened and be able to counter it in the future.
Another word that has no Basic or Advanced Form, only Exalted. Creates a momentary barrier, like a Defensive Shield Spell. The barrier lasts only a second, but can be useful for stopping a charging opponent, or blocking incoming gun or missile fire long enough for the character to dive behind cover safely.
Hand of Steel
An Advanced Power Word that includes elements of the Burst of Strength and Burst of Structure. This word both boosts the user's strength and momentarily hardens their skin, conferring both Extra Hard and Resistant to Normal Weapons to them for a moment. The Exalted Version gives Double Damage and Resistant to Firearms for an instant.


Sensing Power Words

Sensing Power Words happens much the same way that sensing other forms of magic does. Pattern and Logrus lenses, Trump Scrying, Magical Spells, and Shapeshift Forms of Power sensitive to Magic can all detect the energies that go into a Power Word. Since a single word happens so quickly, it's quite hard to observe one unless actively looking, though.


An active Pattern defense will allow a Pattern user to shrug off any Power Words directed at them. The mere presence of Pattern does not prevent the use of Power Words, and words can be invoked standing in the center of the Pattern, if desired. A sufficiently Advanced Pattern user could, however, turn off magic in a Shadow to the degree that Power Words which affected anything besides the user would not work except by direct touch. This is much more work than turning off Sorcery within a Shadow, and most Pattern users would never bother to do so.

Pattern can also be used to tweak the rules of a Shadow in favor of Power Words, making them universally stronger. Words such as Burst of Psyche and Burst of Pattern can also be useful to people employing Pattern abilities.


Like Pattern, an active Logrus defense will disrupt any Power Words directed at the Logrus user. The presence of Logrus doesn't usually affect Power Words, though it can cause them to be slightly more erratic. It takes a very skilled Logrus user to turn off Power Words in a Shadow, though it is possible.

Logrus Tendrils make excellent ways to deliver Power Words, both from an aiming and distance standpoint. As with Pattern, Burst of Psyche or Burst of Logrus can be used to assist with many Logrus abilities.


A Trump defense will ward off most forms of Power Words, but unlike Pattern and Logrus, Trump offers no real way to counteract the use of Power Words on a grander basis.

Burst of Trump and Burst of Psyche are the most useful ways to enhance a Trump ability, and Power Words can be invoked across an active Trump connection. Some Trump users have reported good results using Burst of Luck when they're doing Trump Scryings.

Shape Shifting

In and of itself, Shapeshifting offers no great resistance to Power Words, though individual Forms of Power might. Several Power Words are useful to Shapeshifters though, including Burst of Psyche, Burst of Life, and Burst of Shapeshifting.

Other Magic

Due to their simplicity, speed, and directness, Power Words tend to work fairly well in disrupting or enhancing Sorcery and Conjurations. A sufficiently powerful spell or artifact can resist most Power Words, but Exalted Power Words tend to work on even the most powerful Conjurerd items or Sorcery spells.

Being similar in principle, Power Words can both enhance and be utilized by other magics. Burst of Magic is probably the most common way to enhance a Sorcery spell, while Burst of Conjuration can stabilize a conjured item under attack. Conjurerers with Power Word skills can create items containing or using Power Words, and many Sorcerers learn Power Words for performing counter-spells.

Overall Thoughts

Power Words are a great filler power and equalizier, something that almost every character can effectively use. A handful of the proper Power Words can easily change the course of a battle. Power Words can be both amazingly blantant, such as using Bursts of Strength and Neural Disrupts during combat, or extremely subtle, like using Induce Boredom on an Ambassador to alter the tone of a delicate negotiation. Almost no one would take Power Words as their major power, though it could be done, particularly with Exalted Power Words.

These rules for Power Words are primarily an expansion upon and refactoring of those given in the Amber DRPG sourcebooks, giving them some unity and room for advancement, along with clarifying what sort of restrictions, effects, and interactions Power Words have. The modifications in John Biles' Magick system, and also the source that his system is based on, by Frank Sroce, are the basis for some of the improvements here.