Trump Artistry

Anyone can learn to make Trumps if they have Chaos or better psyche, and Trumps work almost anywhere.  There is no Icon for Trump, but it requires months or years of intense study to master even the basic arts of Trump.  It also requires artistic talent--Trump stick figures just won't cut it.

Combining Trump with other Powers

Trump can be combined with other Powers to perform several tricks not possible with just Trump Artistry.  Combined with Conjuration, one can quickly Conjure Trumps one has made before; this is probably the way in which the Royal Family's Trump decks were produced.

Trump Artists who practice Sorcery can learn Trump Sorcery.  Trump sorcerors can use trumps of people as links to them which greatly enhance their ability to break through the person's defenses.  They can use detection magics to learn things about a person or place using that person or place's trump without them being present.  They can use Petty Magic to teleport to any place they have a Trump of.  They can also rack spells in trumps which will trigger when the trump is used.  Trump Defense drops in effectiveness against them.

A sufficiently skillful Shapeshifter can learn how to tattoo Trumps onto living beings.

There is no known way to combine Trump and Logrus or Trump and Pattern.  Trumping onto the Logrus or the Pattern (except for its center) is lethal.  Beings walking either cannot be contacted via Trump.

Trump Artistry Power Breakdown

Requires Chaos Psyche

Trump Sketches

Trump sketches are the first thing a Trump Artist learns to make. These sketches take only about twenty five minutes to an hour, and can be scribbled on walls, dug in the dirt with a stick, or pencilled onto a napkin. Dworkin is rumored to be able to do sketches in as little as 30 seconds. Trump sketches are good for a limited number of uses depending on the creator's Psyche.  After this usage is complete the sketch will be un-empowered and no longer viable for communication.  If the Trump Sketch is to reach across Shadow, then the creator must have either the ability or the potential to influence shadow (Blood of Chaos or Amber, Broken Pattern, etc.).  Otherwise, the Sketch works only within the Shadow it was created in.

Trump Sketch Transportation

With this power, Trump Sketches can be used to actually travel as well as communicate. Travelling with a trump sketch has the same limitations and drawbacks as communicating through them, in terms of requiring greater powers to be able to work across the boundary of Shadow.

Creating Regular Trumps

This involves creating a card representing some particular person, place, thing or object.  When the user concentrates on the card there will be a psychic bond between the user and the subject of the card.  Creating a Trump takes from 4 hours to two days of concentrated work depending upon the character's Psyche, Endurance, and relative level of experience with making Trumps.  As time passes, the character will find that creating such paintings takes less and less time.  Suhuy, for example, could probably render a fully functional Trump in 20-30 minutes of work. The medium used also determines some of the time, i.e. Painting in oils while better for highest quality Trumps takes much longer to dry and become functional whereas acrylics are relatively quick drying albeit not as conducive for that 'ultra-realistic' look which is the hallmark of quality Trumps.

Working from memory, without a live model, will DOUBLE or TRIPLE the amount of time to create a card.  Trumps made from descriptions, without the Trump Artist ever having observed the subject, have a HIGH probability of linking to a Shadow, instead of the actual subject.

When the Trump Artist first sits down to create a Trump, he must clear his mind, then think upon the subject of the Trump they wish to create, and finally bring up the Power of Trump.  Once in the empowered state, they then begin drawing the lines upon the medium they are using, rendering a life-like representation of the subject, and embedding the Power of Trump into the image.  Trumps cannot be drawn if there are things to distract the Artist, they must have total concentration during the entire process, and any interruptions during the Trump creation stage will require them to start over.  The Power of Trump makes the Trump indestructible while it is activated and the equivalent of [4] armor otherwise.

Advanced Arts of Trump Construction

Memorizing Trumps

With time, Trump Artists learn how to memorize the images they create as they draw them, so that even if if they lose the card, they can use the image of the card in their mind to contact the person or place. 

True Trump Memory

The greatest Trump Artists eventually can Trump anything they've ever seen and anywhere they've ever been, it's said. All that's required is a Psychic impression of a person or place to be able to open a Trump connection.

Quick and Instant Activation, Quick Transportation

With time, Trump Artists learn how to create cards which activate faster, or which will activate instantaneously on viewing. Such cards might be communication only, or they may actually transport their user to the location on the card.

Disguised Trumps

It is also possible to learn how to make Trumps that show a different image than the one actually on the card.

Trump Traps

Combining Disguised Trumps with Instant Activation can make Trump Traps, which can be quite lethal for the unfortunate victim, depending on what they connect to.

For example, one might find a shadow full of poison gas, then create a Trump of the location which goes off the instant anyone picks it up.  It could then be left for some victim to find, thrown at your enemies, or used as an 'unwelcome' mat.

The combination of Trump Traps with Trump Alternate Forms can enable you to make the lives of people you don't like very unhappy.

Trump Alternate Forms

Also known as Etched Trump.  Allows the character to make Trump images in things other than a paint/card-stock medium.  They are able to engrave metal, form sculptures, make laser etchings, etc. with Trump power.  Essentially any artistic representation which is conducive for concentration and highly vivid in nature (even a written description!) can be used for the creation of Trump at this level (though the artist would require the appropriate skills for such a creation).

One of the advantages to these types of Trumps are that while they easily recognized as such by a Trump Artist they are not necessarily recognized by someone uneducated in the ways of Trump creation.  Such Trumps are 'usually' more difficult to 'prime' or initiate contact with but function identically to normal Trumps in most other respects.  Another advantage to this type of Trump is that such images/objects are greater storehouses for power and a character can empower them to actually open a Trump Gate when activated.  While this will use most of the item's power they may be 're-powered' by a Trump Artist at any time subsequent to such a usage.

It must be noted that Trumps cannot be inscribed on anything alive, unless one possesses sufficient levels of shapeshifting.

Trump Mimicry

The ability to copy the style of another Trump Artist.  Forgeries are obvious to the real artist, Trump Artists with more points invested in the Power, and others with significant Psyche advantages over the counterfeiter.