Trump Tricks

With experience and some help from others, or by experimentation, one can learn to use Trumps in a variety of ways beyond their original purposes.  The most commonly known of these is fortune telling, in which one draws the cards in an oracular rite to answer questions or try to predict the future.  Whether this actually works remains debated among the royal family of Amber.

The remaining tricks are extrapolations from three basic trump tricks:

Trump Trick Power Break Down

Sensing Trump

A character with this ability is able to sense the usage of Trumps in his vicinity.  Actual range is dependent upon a great many factors and the GM will be the ultimate arbiter as to whether the character can sense the usage or not. Factors affecting this would include the sensing character's Psyche, the proximity to the Trump user, any and all intervening barriers (including other people), magical wards and the like, etc. Additionally, the character will be able to sense the power used in making Trumps.  When a character is within a few hundred feet of a Trump being created they will immediately notice this great flux of power (unless the artist has taken special precautions using various wards, scry blocks, Psyche dampers, etc.).

Someone who is a Trump Artist is also able to detect the characteristics of a Trump by careful examination.  If the creator has an extreme Psychic advantage, any ill effects/traps on the Trump might have a chance to activate.  Otherwise, the Artist is informed of the pitfalls.

Trump Spying

There is another level of concentration where you simply observe the operation of Trump.  This allows you to overhear conversations as the Trump is being used.  However, you must actually touch the specific Trumps.  If you have Trump for only one of the participants in a Trump Contact, you will overhear only what that person says, and will be unable to "hear" the other end of the conversation.  Additionally, if the character is in the vicinity of a Trump call, i.e. standing on the other side of a room while another character attempts to make or receive a call, that character's card may be used to "tap" the connection.  The character simply takes out the card of the person engaged in the Trump Contact and applies concentration.  Note that if the character doesn't have a Psyche advantage it is possible that the nearby character will 'notice' something odd about the call.

Trump Subterfuge

This Power can be used to cloak Trump conversations from those who might be sensitive to such (a very distinct Psyche advantage by the opposing party would be required to sense such) and make Trump Spying  and/or Trump Sensing nearly impossible.

Trump Defense

Trump defense requires one to have a Trump of oneself.  One then concentrates on the Trump, 'trumping oneself'.  This fills the user with Trump energy, which will ward off Magick, Pattern, Logrus, and Shapeshifting attacks.  It has the disadvantage that one can't do much else while one is doing this.

Trump Jamming

It's possible, with intense concentration, to jam any one Trump. Concentrate on a single card and the victim will be blocked from sending or receiving Trump calls.  Psyche advantage is not 'required' when using this method if the other person simply gives up.  However, should someone "push" the contact, then there will be a Psychic battle with the person. You can also cause Trumps of yourself not to show any visual image at all when in use.  Thus a caller can hear your voice but not see what you currently look like, where you are, etc.  This is referred to as a Trump Blackout.

Trump Blocking

It's possible, with intense concentration, to block several Trumps.  It requires the actual cards of the subject to block.  Concentrate on all cards and none of them will be able to receive calls; their cards will appear dead (warm) to everyone else.  This requires a clear Psyche advantage over each of the targets.

Trump Pushing

Can open a contact between any group of Trump images.  No Psyche advantage required, unless the contact is held open against someone's will.  With the advantage, can also push people contacted through to the location of an activated object Trump.  

Trump Caller Identification

This trick enables a character to become familiar with the style and magical 'mark' of a Trump artist.  Unless purposefully obscured the character should be able to recognize a new Trump as either one of several artists with which he/she is familiar or as an unknown.  If an unknown artist is encountered any subsequent Trumps rendered by the same person would be obvious to the character as being from this particular 'unknown' artist.

Additionally, this power allows the character to tell the identity of a caller, without opening to the contact.  Upon receiving a Trump Contact check through your Trump Deck. The card of whoever is making the call will be psychically active (though if another Trump conversation is taking place, this will only narrow down the possibilities).  Obviously, this only works it the character happens to have a Trump of the caller. As the character becomes greater attuned with this Power he/she will be able to merely concentrate upon his/her Trump deck to determine the caller's identity.

Trump Scrying

Use location Trumps as a tool to scry throughout Shadow, using the subject of the Trump as the base point for scrying.

Trump Location

Activate person Trumps and get an impression of where in Shadow they are.  Gives enough of an imprint to Teleport or Shadow Walk there.

Trump Gate

Trump Gate is the ability to create an open doorway from any one place to another.  It requires the use of a Trump for the destination point. The Trump is then opened normally, but instead of walking through the Trump the user pours Psychic energy into the connection and reinforces the bridge between the two places.  Finally, a temporary doorway from one Shadow to another is created.  At least Amber Rank Psyche and Endurance is required to create such a Gate, and the character will be totally exhausted from the effort if at that minimum Attribute requirement.  Trump Gates only stay open, unattended, for 10 minutes or so, though if the character wishes he/she may continue to pour more energy into it to maintain it, though even a top-ranked individual would be hard pressed to keep one open for more than 30 minutes.

Consume Trump

Makes a Trump Gate which stays open two days draining the Trump of its Power instead of taking energy from the character.  Paintings/Cards? are non-rechargeable, but Etched Trumps can be reactivated by a Trump Artist through working them over again.