My Dinner With Damask's Clone

Note: ---> indicates Mike paging something, -*Name* indicates someone paging to Mike.

The setup: Damask, Chaos' ambassador to Amber, is having Devan and Dara over to dinner. Except he loathes them both, and has things to do, and so has done what any advanced shapeshifter would do -- left a hastily-constructed clone of himself to have dinner for him! Note the hastily-constructed part. What could possibly go wrong?

The Log

Log file opened at: 2/5/01 9:11:27 PM

  1. Rake: MLoader @Damask @Dara

Devan: and Jipangmuck RP going on at the same time, go fig.

MLoader: I suggest you disengage from your current Jip RP for the duration.

Damask drops a 23-line pose on Devan, killing him instantly.

Devan: I'm trying. c.c Okay.

--> Devan Anyhow. You set up the plate... what's the plan with the beatles?

-*Devan* That... is going to wait till I feel Truly Evil.

--> Devan So, in other words, not tonight?

-*Devan* I've decided to store it for AFTER I leave. Have them come knocking at Damask's door after dinner and feast on demons, I suppose, but that doesn't have to be when I'm around.

--> Devan Okay. And these things are Fab 4 beatles, or insect beetles?

-*Devan* Fab 4 Beatles. ;-)

MLoader: Okay. You two have been invited to dinner at the Chaosian Embassy. Gonna show on time?

Devan: I'm there early, so I can hit on the chambermaids. :)

Dara: Dara shall arrive fashionably late. :)

-*Devan* And do that Plate prank, of course. Check on things perhaps. o.o

-*Devan* with what I can get away with.

MLoader: Okay. Damask seems to be waiting in the dining room for you.

--> Damask Okay. Here's the routine...

-*Damask* ?

Devan saunters in, whistling. No signs of the big slap he's gotten, thanks to shapeshifting. Isn't it wonderful? "Hey, Maskie, how you doin'?" he greets the Stuffy One.

--> Damask Your rush job Damask can make very simple conversation, a la Eliza. When it gets confused or its answer isn't in its stock vocab, it DamaskLaughs?. Its nervous system is buggy, so it will try to remain sitting and mostly motionless to prevent nerve spasms.

Damask: "I am doing well, thank you," Damask says. "Please take a seat, Mr. Devan."

-*Damask* Well, as long as I don't have to psychoanalyze either of them. :)

Devan grins, taking a seat. "You're never gonna stop calling me "Mr. Devan", are you? I mean, it sounds like something old people say."

--> Damask No, but mimic an Eliza-style bot script. :)

Damask: "Why do you say it sounds like something old people say?"

-*Damask* Yup. "Why do you say..." "What makes you think that..." Etc. :)

Devan grins a bit. "I dunno... you know, like all those people who're used to traditions and rules and courtesy and all those unnecessary stuff."

Damask: "Why do you think that tradition and rules and courtesy are unecessary?"

--> Dara You can probably pick this time to show up. :)

-*Damask* I gotta spend some time making a better model after this. Several of them, actually. :)

Devan shrugs, tapping the table. "Where's the beer?" He pauses, then grins. "See? I mean, I want something, right? What's the point of sayin'..." And here he mimicks Damask's tone of voice... "Please, sir, may I have some beer?" when you can just get to the point with what, about a dozen fewer words?"

Damask: Damask turns his head to the side and addresses one of the attendant servants, a tall redhead. "Please bring refreshments."

MLoader: The attendant ignores him.

Damask: "A ha. A ha ha ha."

Devan taps the table, and grins. "Oi... can I have beer?"

-*Damask* Oh, they are _so_ getting spanked for this. >.<

MLoader: "Certainly, honored guest." The attendant moves to comply with Devan's wishes.

-*Devan* since this wasn't part of MY plan... scan the damn drink as secretly as I can while Damask is in shock, eh?

Dara: Just then, the doors to the dining room opens again, and two men enter ... tall, handsome, lightly dressed in fashionable blue and grey pants, tanned bodies oiled. And they are carrying a sedan chair, in which Dara sits like a queen, wearing a dress just barely this side of decent. When the men lower the chair, she steps out and blows them a kiss. "You can wait outside for me, boys." The men nod and walk out again.

-*Devan* ... or Dara's entrance.

--> Devan Whatcha gonna use to scan, logrus?

Damask: "Welcome, Lady Dara," Damask says. "Please take a seat. Now that you are here, we may serve dinner."

-*Devan* yeah.

-*Devan* assuming I can mask the use of it.

--> Damask Nerve spasm time! Your tiny brain and nerve net goes briefly bonkers as destabilizing Chaos enengy enters the room from someone bringing up the Logrus.

Dara: Dara beams at Damask, "Hello Da-chan! It's so nice to see you again." She heads over to the table and pulls a chair out, then sits down, doing her best to ignore Devan's presence.

--> Devan You do. It's a normal drink.

Devan grins at Dara. "That's one hell of an entrance. What's next for an encore?"

Devan takes his beer and chugs it.

Damask: Damask smiles rather stiffly at Dara. "I am so very glad you could come to dinner tonight."

Damask: Damask twitches a little, shaking his head and looking suddenly frazzled.

--> Damask See above comment, pose appropriately.

Dara: Dara winks, "Relax, Da-chan. If you're nice, you'll get a special dessert tonight."

-*Damask* That good enough, or more violent?

Damask: "A ha," Damask says. "A ha ha ha."

--> Damask Good enough for the first time. If it happens again, more violent.

Devan chortles. "Hey, Damask, quit laughin' and just say yes, you want dessert!"

Damask: "Dessert is eaten after the rest of the meal. A ha. A ha ha ha."

MLoader: The servants start to bring in the food.

-*Damask* Want me to desc the meal?

--> Damask Yes.

Devan grins, then, mischeviously, glancing at Dara, before addressing Damask. "So you're sayin' you wanna get to dessert as soon as possible?"

Damask: To begin, a light spinach salad in a tangy vinagarette dressing. And a bottle of good white wine.

Dara: Dara starts to say something, but is distracted by the servants. "Oh goody! Food!"

MLoader: The first course is laid down.

Damask: "Dessert is eaten after the rest of the meal," Damask repeats, and, after pouring wine for everyone, begins to eat his salad.

Dara: She then blinks as the food is revealed, and pokes at it several times before looking over to Damask. "Ummm ... Da-chan? Where's the food? There is only icky green stuff here."

MLoader: Suddenly's Damask's plate grows a mouth. In one gulp, it devours his salad.

Devan starts eating his salad, cheerfully.

Damask: "A ha," says Damask. "A ha ha ha. It is a light spinach salad in a tangy vinagarette dressing, Lady Dara. A ha. A ha ha ha."

--> Damask Brief spasm! More wacky chaos energy!

Damask: Damask twitches again, spilling some wine on himself. "Oops. A ha. A ha ha ha."

Dara: Dara looks closer at the food and shakes her head. "No, this is icky green stuff."

-*Dara* Trumping in a good roast from the nearest restaurant. -.-

Damask: "A ha. A ha ha ha." Damask drinks his entire glass of wine in one gulp.

Devan looks up, muttering. "Pretty good salad. Kinda different, but I'm not much for salad anyway." He begins humming a tune, which is probably recognizable to these normal humans as "Popeye the Sailor Man" as he keeps eating his spinach.

MLoader: A huge, dripping roast appears in the center of the table in a corona of trump energy.

Dara: Dara pushes her plate away, but keeps the wine. As the roast appears she grins. "Now -this- is food."

Damask: Damask stares at the roast. "A ha. A ha ha ha."

Devan pushes his half-eaten salad away, chugging his mug of beer. "Cool...! Meat!"

-*Devan* (OOC: Crap, I forgot the belching Damask's wineglass. x.X)

--> Devan You know, you could use the Logrus to grab more stuff out of Shadow.

Dara: "Da-chan ... could one of your servants please get a knife for us?"

Damask: Damask coughs and turns his head to regard Dara from behind the concealing lenses of his glasses. "Lady Dara, how are you enjoying Avalon?" Turns to the servant again. "Please get a knife for the Lady Dara and Mr. Devan."

MLoader: The servant ignores Damask.

Damask: "A ha. A ha ha ha."

-*Devan* hmm. Yeah. Do so. Can I switch his wineglass when he's not looking?

Dara: Dara sips delicately at her wine, smiling. "Oh, I like the city so far. Entertainment, mobs, and a cute ambassador ... "

Damask: "What do you like about mobs, Lady Dara?"

--> Devan Sure, if you're careful and have a distraction.

-*Devan* Would Dara do ? :)

--> Devan Mebbe if her dress were to lose the top button...

-*Devan* You read my mind. Do it. :)

MLoader: The top two buttons of Dara's dress suddenly pop open.

--> Damask Massive Logrus surge! Major violent spasm time!

-*Devan* Switch Damask's glass. *.*

Damask: Damask twitches violently and knocks over his wine glass, spilling wine across the tablecloth. "A ha. A ha ha ha. A ha. A ha ha ha. Lady Dara, your dress is open."

--> Dara Something intangible popped your dress... you're betting logrus or a spell.

Devan whistles, his gaze fastened on Dara's dress. "Zounds! What mounds!"

-*Devan* now while it's spilled, switch. c.c

Dara: Dara smiles sweetly. "Like the view?"

-*Dara* Trump harbor water in over Devan. -.-

Damask: "Why do you want to know if I like the view? A ha. A ha ha ha."

--> Damask Another Logrus use! HUGE spasm! Involuntary motion and speech!

MLoader: Suddenly, harbor water trumps into being over Devan, who is soaked by it. The carpet and roast are ruined.

Damask: Damask nearly upsets the table with his next twitch. Wine spills everywhere. "You SAID you'd buy me a puppy!" he shouts. "But then you DIDN'T BUY ME A PUPPY!!!"

Dara: "You need to cool down a bit, pervert."

MLoader: Damask's wine glass belches.

Damask: "A ha. A HA HA HA!"

-*Damask* This is so f'ed up. :)

-*Devan* What the hell. Pull a puppy out and drop it on his lap.

Devan mutters. "Okay, geez..." He blinks at Damask, then grins.

Dara: "Poor Da-chan ... " She stands and walks around the table towards him.

MLoader: Devan pulls a puppy out of somewhere, and drops it in Damask's lap.

Devan: "There, you got your puppy. Be nice.

--> Damask More logrus use. Biggest spasm yet!

Damask: Damask looks at the puppy, and says. "A ha." He looks at the approaching Dara. "A ha. A ha ha ha." Then he twitches again, falling out of his chair as he does and spasming on the floor. The puppy pitches out of his lap and flies towards Dara.

MLoader: The servants bring in the second course, ignoring Damask.

Dara: Dara instinctively bats at the puppy to get it out of her way, glaring at Devan. "Now see what you have done, you insensitive barbarian!"

-*Devan* Can I use logrus to dry mself off by removing the water?

Damask: Very stiffly and mechanically, Damask gets up and sits back in his chair as the servants bring in quiche. "There is quiche," he says, as though informing everyone of something profound. "Mr. Devan, how have you been today?"

--> Devan Sure! Want to?

-*Devan* yes.

MLoader: Invisible somethings remove the water from Devan.

Devan grins. "What? He wanted a puppy!... and I'm fine, thanks for asking."

Damask: "Why are you fine?"

--> Damask Violent spasms, uncontrolled language and frothing.

Dara: Dara steps behind Damask and drapes her arms around his shoulders. "My poor Da-chan ... did that evil nasty Devan bring up some unpleasant memories?"

Damask: Damask flails his arms about, shaking the table and pitching his quiche dish into the air. "You're all out to get me!" he informs Damask and Dara as the quiche arcs overhead. It comes down atop him and Dara, spraying them both with quiche. "You're all out to get me, but I see, I see the truth, I see through _everything_, purple monkey dingbat!"

-*Devan* Dude, that puppy is now running around, right? Can I make it a spy? :)

Damask: He begins frothing at the mouth.

Devan grins. "Because I'm enjoyin' dinner?" He eyes Dara. "Sheesh, Dara... don't even remind him of his memories. He spazzes like this when you do."

Dara: Dara wipes the quiche out of her face, slowly.

--> Devan It had its brains dashed out by Dara, actually.

Damask: Damask quietly says, "A ha. A ha ha ha", and falls slowly forward until he plants his face in his salad plate.

-*Devan* oh well. Just another mess to clean up for the servants.

-*Devan* Won't the plate try to eat his face? o.o

MLoader: The servants bring in the next course. Damask's wineglass belches. Damask's plate suddenly bites down on his face.

MLoader: It chews. Blood spurts.

--> Damask PAIN! Berserk defense mode, activate!

Damask: Damask says, "A ha! A ha ha ha! Ow! Ow! Does not process! Paindeathmurderkill!"

-*Dara* Okay, KO strike NOW.

Devan pauses, scratching his head. "Oi, you wanna get that plate off your face or somethin'?"

Dara: Dara slowly raises a hand ...

MLoader: Dara kung-fu strikes Damask.

--> Damask Attacker identified! KILL!

Damask: Damask stands up in the midst of Dara hitting him, with the plate still attached to his face; his fingers have lengthened into talons. "Paindeathmurderkill!"

Damask: He slashes for Dara.

-*Devan* Right. Get plate off his face iwth Logrus.

MLoader: Blood spurts from Damask's face. His first attack narrowly misses Dara.

Dara: Dara eeps and jumps back, looking angry now.

-*Damask* Please note that in the future, I will be building my clones _without_ a berserk defense mode by default. :)

-*Dara* Trumpgate into vacuum, about fist-sized, directly behind Damask.

--> Damask More incoming logrus! Complete systems surge! DESTROY ALL MONSTERS!

-*Devan* let's see... what is the typical thing to do with Logrus in this case, according to warfare?

Damask: "A HA! A HaHaHaHAhaHahahahHAHAHahahahaha?!" Damask reaches up and starts tearing the plate from his face.

MLoader: A gate into vaccuum appears behind Damask as he tears the plate away, pulling him back. Damask's face is a bloody ruin, the skull exposed.

Devan shakes his head, leaning back in his chair, drinking his beer. "Hmmm..." He glances at a clock, mentally counting down the minutes.

Damask: Damask snarls and leaps across the table for Devan with claws extended. "MURDERDEATHKILL!"

--> Devan Incoming! Actions?

-*Devan* Kick table up, use Logrus as a shield to prevent physical contact. (Would I be familar with Damask's psyche ratings?)

Dara: Dara sneaks towards the door, half-closing it behind her, and then grins.

-*Dara* Maybe puppies will calm him down ... open a gate from the Shadow of Endless Puppies into the dining room.

MLoader: An invisible force holds Damask back. Then two of the servants appear, flamethrowers strapped to their backs.

MLoader: A trump gate opens, and puppies start pouring into the room.

Damask: Damask flails his arms about, shouting about puppies and broken promises and occassionally singing Gilbert and Sullivan songs with the lyrics changed so that there's lots of naughty words. "A haahahrwhhahahahahahahahahaha!!!"

MLoader: The servants point the flamethrowers at Damask, and shoot. Fire engulfs the ambassador.

--> Damask Theatrically burn into a charred skeleton, please.

Damask: "Paindeathmurderkillmalfunction. I can't you let you do that, Dave. Auntie M! Auntie M! And you were there two... I'm mellllllllllltiingggggg... I'm melllllllltiiiiiiing... goodbye... mommmmmmyy...."

MLoader: Damask burns into a charred skeleton.

Dara: Dara blinks as she watches.

Damask: x.x

MLoader: The servants grumble, put away the flamethrowers, and get out dustbins.

Damask: Damask lies around looking charred and skeletoney.

MLoader: "Bloody poorly-made animatronic doubles," one mumbles. "The dining room is RUINED."

Devan shakes his head, and nonchalantly heads over to pick up Damask's skull. "Alas, poor Damask. I knew him, Dara." Then he puts it back on the skeleton, and heads back to get his beer. "Eh... figured." He takes a swig.

-*Damask* Can I have the charred skeleton suddenly seize Devan's ankle, then crumble into dust? :)

--> Damask Yes.

Damask: As Devan turns to leave, the skeleton suddenly darts forward and seizes his ankle tightly.

Damask: A faint "A ha..." emanates from the skull, and then the whole thing crumbles into dust.

Devan grins, waves the beer, and looks at the servants. "So Damask's still mad about the haunting incident, is he?"

MLoader: "Would you like dessert or coffee?" one of the servants inquires.

-*Devan* Pop the rest of Dara's dress. That's dessert, eh?

Devan grins a moment.

MLoader: Dara's dress BURSTS open.

--> Dara Yes. Definitely Logrus.

Devan shrugs. "Well, if Damask's ready for dessert..." he comments with a wry grin.

-*Devan* That's it. As soona s I'm gone, Damask gets the Fab 4 FleshEating? Dung Beatles.

Dara: Dara looks down at herself and shrugs as she walks back into the dining room, looking calm. Very calm. Almost too calm. "Was that you, pervert?"

-*Devan* Prepare for trouble, Logrus shield up against Trump.

-*Devan* if I can.

--> Devan Well, you can call up the Logrus, anyway, and have it ready.

-*Devan* do that, yes.

Devan grins rakishly. "If I said it was, would you hold it against me?"

Damask: Damask's ashes lie on the floor and engage in SPINE-TINGLING BURNT REMAINS ACTION!

Dara: Dara shakes her head. "Of course not, pervert."

Devan grins, glancing over at the door. "I don't suppose Damask is going to join us for dessert?" he asks the servants.

MLoader: "I'm not certain when the Ambassador will return," the servant says. "He had to walk his dog."

Dara: "He had to walk his dog."

Dara: Dara smiles, shivering slightly.

MLoader: "He said it was urgent."

Devan grins a moment. "Then we'll just wait here till his return, I suppose, eh?"

-*Dara* Whee. DARAAAA SNAAAAAAAP! Open the gates to Mt. Fraer, drown them all in hot lava!

--> Dara Really? Cool!

MLoader: Trump gates open.

MLoader: On blazing hot lava.

Damask: ...

Dara: Dara starts laughing madly and trumps out.

MLoader: Devan, molten magma is gushing into the room.

-*Devan* Use Logrus to pull me to the ceiling and punch a hole out there. o.o


-*Devan* or can I move out in general?

MLoader: Devan BURSTS through the ceiling in a Logrus-assisted jump!

MLoader: Puppies squeal and fry.

Dara: Mad laughter can be heard echoing from the roof.

Devan dusts himself off, on the second floor. "Oh well, that was fun." He shakes his head, peering down at the puppies. "Poor things. Damask won't be happy when he sees all those puppy skeletons entombed in the stone in his dining room."

MLoader: Molten lava courses through the embassy. Walls ignite. Staff rush around frantically with fire extinguishers.

--> Dara What's your current location?

Devan rubs his head, grins, and heads down the hall to find the chambermaid.

-*Dara* Dress-less on the roof, and about to go back to the palace to sulk in peace.

-*Devan* Devan is going to hang around till the Real Damask shows, anyway, just for fun and giggles.

--> Dara Okay. You see Damask walking towards the Embassy.

-*Devan* and while I'm here in this chaos, is ther ea way to slip the monkeys into the secret passages in this mansion? :)

-*Devan* one or two to spy on him. That should do it.

-*Devan* it should be efficent enough to hide itself and such.

MLoader: Damask, you return right about now. Smoke is rising from your embassy, and lava is pouring from a hole in one wall.

--> Devan Sure thing.

Damask: Damask stares. "Oh my," he says. "Dinner didn't go well."

Dara: Dara is still on the roof, naked, and laughing madly.

Damask: "LADY DARA!" Damask calls.

MLoader: Puppies scampers gleefully around, barking madly.

-*Devan* You know... wouldnow be a good time for those Beatles? n.n

Dara: Dara stops laughing and blinks as she sees Damask. She vanishes in a trump effect, only to reappear directly in front of Damask, and hugs him tightly. "Da-chan! That pervert was so mean to me! And you got your face eaten! And your servants burned you!"

MLoader: Suddenly, four men in beatle-style haircuts dash across the street towards Dara and Damask. Mandibles sprout from their jaws. "Human flesh, man!"

Damask: Damask stiffens briefly, then gently detaches himself from Dara. He pulls off his jacket and offers it to her. "Please use this to cover yourself, and help me save the embassy."

-*Damask* Draw gun and fire.

Dara: She takes the jacket and puts it on, still sniffling.

-*Dara* close the gates.

MLoader: Damask pulls a gun and casually mows the four down.

-*Devan* Devan laughs his ass off.

MLoader: "Hey, Jude! Arrrrrrgh!"

Damask: Damask tucks his gun away. "Please, Lady Dara," he pleads. "Your trump powers... do something... it is my life... I... I am sorry. If the embassy..."

MLoader: OOC: Yes, Dara! Use your powers for good!

Dara: Dara sighs, looking really contrite. "Sorry, Da-chan. I was so angry ... "

-*Dara* Gate in water. Water helps against fire. ^.^

-*Devan* Can I get down now? :)

Damask: "Apologies later," Damask says. He almost sounds impatient. "Please do what you can. And where is Mr. Devan?"

MLoader: The lava has mostly settled down, and the fire seems to be under control.

-*Dara* And maybe we can get some steamed Devan out of it too. -.-

-*Devan* I'll probably be raiding the kitchen for mead or good beer. :)

-*Devan* and a sandwich.

Dara: "In hell, I hope." She looks at the embassy, concentrating.

Damask: Damask sighs heavily and goes to check out the corpses of the Beatles, drawing his gun and morphing it into a sword as he does. "I would fear him taking it over," he murmurs.

--> Devan No sweat. You find both.

-*Devan* Shield better still be up? :)

--> Devan No. You can't only keep it up for so long.

-*Devan* okay no worries. I'll handle it as it comes.

-*Devan* but I'm in the kitchen, anyway. u.u

MLoader: At this point, Dierdre turns the corner. She stares at the smouldering embassy, the half-naked Dara, the hordes of yelping and yipping puppies, the corpses of the flesh-eating Beatles, and the cooling lava.

MLoader: "I'll come back some other time," she comments, and leaves.

-*Devan* Got a back door?

--> Devan Yup.

Damask: "I will look forward to it, Princess Dierdre!" Damask calls hopefully towards her back as he checks out the Beatles.

MLoader: They look like your typical flesh-eating rock-n-roll band.

-*Devan* I'm coming out through the back and walking around to front, with mug of beer and sandwich. (Sorry, I know, I should be well-familiar with this place. :) )

Dara: Dara follows Damask over to the beatles, watching him.

--> Devan Okay, pose it.

-*Damask* Have the servants drag them inside and put them into storage once I get Dara out of the way.

Devan comes out around the back of the door, whistling, a sandwich in hand and mug of beer in the other. "Oh hey, Maskie!" he says, munching on the sandwich. "How's it hanging?"

Damask: Damask rises from his crouch over the Beatles and sheathes his rapier. He lets out another sigh. "Well, Lady Dara," he says apologetically. "I am sorry that 'I' was not apparently better company."

Dara: Dara tenses as Devan appears, eyes narrowed angrily.

-*Dara* Grrr. Devan. Rain of anvils from the shadow of anvils!

--> Devan Incoming anvils! Gonna try to dodge, or use the Logrus?

Damask: Damask rounds slowly and precisely on Devan, putting his hand on Dara's shoulder as he does. "Mr. Devan," he says quietly. "I assume you are behind all this?"

-*Devan* which direction? Block with logrus, yes.

-*Devan* if poosible, pose me munching on sandwich and beer. :)

MLoader: Anvils rain from the sky above Devan! One slams into him before he can get the Logrus up. Devan keels over and does the twitch repeatedly thing.

Damask: Damask hurries over and puts his hands on Devan's forehead worriedly. "Mr. Devan!" he says with obvious concern.

-*Devan* good enough. n.n

Dara: Dara hrms and turns away. "Perverts like him don't die that easily."

-*Devan* Make a note, don't rely on logrus for everything.

-*Damask* Psychic combat is easier when the other guy has been hit by an anvil, right?

Devan twitches a bit.

MLoader: Devan appears to be stunned, but not seriously hurt. Mild concussion at most. Many puppies run up and lick his face. One piddles on him.

-*Devan* If I can think well enough at this point, pulp the puppy. -.-

MLoader: Devan reflexively punches that puppy, then falls back into twitching.

-*Damask* Hrm?

--> Damask Yes. Unless he's actually been knocked out.

-*Damask* And if I beat him, can I then make him forget that we had psychic combat in the first place?

--> Damask Yes.

-*Damask* Okay, then, gonna engage him, beat down his psyche, implant a psychic "backdoor" that will let me dominate him easily in the future from a distance, and then make him forget it exists or that the combat took place.

Damask: Damask worriedly begins giving Devan medical attention.

--> Damask Sure? He's probably pretty strong psychically, and if he calls up the Logrus in defence, he can probably fend you off.

-*Damask* Oh, he can do Logrus after it begins? Forget it, then.

MLoader: Devan starts to recover slightly.

Damask: "I think he will live," he says eventually. He sounds fairly neutral on the topic.

Dara: "Does that mean I can't bury him here?"

Devan shakes his head just a bit. "Ooof... anyone get the number of that girl?"

Damask: "No, I think he technically has a spot in the Citadel's burial vaults."

Dara: "Can I bury him there, then?"

Damask: Damask hooks a thumb towards the dead Beatles, which the servants are currently dragging into the embassy. "Your doing, Mr. Devan?" He glances to Dara. "No, I think the alcohol in his body would probably do damage to my flowers when he decomposed."

-*Devan* Kindly use a Logrus to Pull Dara's feet out from under her. u.u

Devan mutters, rubbing his head. "Eh? What're you talkin' about?"

MLoader: Dara suddenly goes sprawling as something invisible yanks her feet out from under her.

Dara: Dara eeps and falls to the ground!

-*Damask* Do I detect Logrus use?

-*Dara* More anvils.

--> Damask Yup, you do feel that sorta air.

Damask: "Enough!" Damask snaps. He hauls Devan to his feet. "Mr. Devan, go back to the Hound. I may do something I regret if you do not."

MLoader: More anvils rain down, pounding Devan back into dreamland.

Damask: Damask leaps away as the anvils come crashing down.

-*Devan* damn, I knew I should've specified shapeshifting into something that'd bounce those off. u.u

Dara: Dara growls as she stands up, and hands Damask his jacket. "Sorry I got it dirty, Da-chan. I better go home now."

Damask: Damask shakes his head and offers it back to her. "Keep it until you can get something else to wear," he says softly. "I have others. I am sorry for how he treated you. I used the two of you to provide a distraction while I investigated matters relating to Prince Caine's death incognito."

-*Dara* Anvils for Damask.

--> Damask Incoming anvils. Action?

-*Damask* Grab Dara and pull her out of the way.

--> Damask They're not heading for Dara. :)

-*Damask* Dodge like a maniac and do the standard A.S.S. tactics for absorbing heavy impacts like anvils. :)

MLoader: Damask suddenly ducks and rolls as anvils start slamming down around him like raindrops.

Damask: (OOC) You do a good unconscious. Anyone ever tell you that?

Damask: "I really am very sorry!" he says as he scrambles.

Dara: "That's no way to treat a girl, Da-chan. I'm disappointed. Goodbye." *poof*

MLoader: *splat*splat* There go a few puppies.

-*Dara* Stop the anvils, trump back to quarters in the palace.

Damask: Noooooo! Not the puppies!

MLoader: Anvils stop their rain. Dara vanishes.

Damask: Damask sighs quietly.

Damask: Then he grabs Devan by the hair and starts dragging him back towards the Hound. "I do not think I will be giving another dinner party any time soon."

Devan twitches quietly.

MLoader: You arrive at the Hound, where Finn is conspiciously absent.

Damask: Damask drags Devan inside and puts him in the care of whomever behind the bar.

-*Damask* What time is it now?

MLoader: Okay.

--> Damask Almost nine.

-*Damask* Okay, I want to fly out to Darako's Rock in inconspicious grackle form to observe Walker's raid, just to make sure nothing untoward happens.

Damask: Then he trudges back towards the embassy.

MLoader: Okay, and pause here.

MLoader: Well, that was just horrible. :)