"Not today, Dread Pirate. You might say... I'm disarmed."
Ivan, cradling two broken arms.

Many, many people. Usually very loudly.

"A ha. A ha ha ha."
Damask. All the time.

"Oh, I do not mean to imply that you or Avalon is in any way at fault. It is merely a statement of my own capacities, which are at the moment, I estimate, limited to easily avoiding one assassination attempt per day. But I suppose I can work my way up to two, and perhaps after that three or four."
Damask, demonstrating one of his many methods of making Joan glare at him.

"I believe I shall use the bodies of the Flesh-Eating Beatles that I have in my basement as the base forms. Less work to utilize biological material already at hand and remould it. Mmm... George and Ringo, I think. Yes. Save Paul and John for later use. John was always my favourite. Lovely solo work, mmm."
Damask, reinforcing Dierdre's image of him as "nice but weird".

"It is most discourteous to put your lips on a man's instrument without his permission."
Damask, who certainly did not give Blind Joe Death permission to handle his instrument.

"Joan is always overjoyed to discover willing bait."
Meredith, making Damask feel needed and special just because of who he is.