First Warden of Arden, Redrawer of the Fire Pattern of Ember, now Queen of Ember. She's a trump Artist of some renown, a musicial hobbyist, and the Strength and Endurance Queen of her generation (though some would argue Saionji should have that title).

Corrine started out as a one-shot character for an Amber throne war run by John Biles in July 2000. Her one-shot status did not last long, as Through A Mirror Darkly came into being, and her SPC status rapidly changed into nigh-full PC status as her player's participation increased. It can be easily argued that the transition took place at the time of A Fistful of Finndos.

During the course of TAMD, Corrine got involved in various ways, from first showing a bewildered Shizumaru around Amber, to learning about her sister Juri's? recently recovered daughter Hiko?, to providing trump support at the Rose Duel between Annadil and Fuyutsuki. As the troubles mounted, Corrine decided that the only way she could help support her family was to repair the damaged Fire Pattern of Ember, thereby closing off that flaw in Reality that their enemies could have exploited.

She did so. In the process, the Kingdom of Ember was reborn, with her as its Queen, which came to some surprise to Corrine (though not to the populace of Ember). She grew into her new role admirably, however, and took advantage of her total control of Ember's reality to accellerate time for several periods, to build up a military to assist Amber during the Golden Circle Revolts, to lay seige on the Keep of the Five Worlds, and to help defend Amber during the Second Day of Darkness.

Corrine also ended up travelling across universes to other Amber-realities via various means (including the Questing Beast, the Cave of Worlds, and Fido the Logrus Squid), bringing back with her Juri of Avalon, Roderick of Amber, and Gideon of Avalon, whose presence and participation proved instrumental in turning the tide during the Seige of the Keep of the Five Worlds and the Second Day of Darkness. She formed strong family ties with all three, especially Juri of Avalon, in the wake of her sister Juri's dissapearance.


Legal Children

Created and played by Philip Moyer.