"All I was looking for was a crossbow that could punch a hole through a tank..."

     --- Queen Corrine I, to an unnammed person, on the creation of Gabrielle

Upon the reconstruction of Ember, Corrine was confronted with a minor problem -- although she was attuned to the Fire Demi-Jewel of Judgement, the means by which she had redrawn the Fire Pattern of Ember and granting her wide powers over all forms of Shadow energy (especially Fire and Lightning), the Demi-Jewel itself was rather vulnerable to theft. She couldn't carry it around safely all the time; like the other Demi-Jewels and the True Jewel of Judgement, there were risks to long-time use. Just using it as the power cell for a weapon was limiting, and again, carried the risk of theft.

However, upon consultation with her grandfather, Fuyutsuki, Corrine decided to use the Fire Demi-Jewel as the central focus for a "Construct", a device of much power, incorperating her abilities in Pattern and Trump, as well as Sorcery from her regent and court mage, that would allow her to utilize the powers of the Fire Demi-Jewel from afar. A set of shapeshifting weapons were constructed and tied remotely to the central systems installed deep within the heart of Vesuvius, accessable to only a few.

It came as much surprise when the construct, "Gabrielle", decided to call Corrine her mother and the Red Knight her father...

During the course of Through a Mirror Darkly, Gabrielle became known as the quirky-yet-loveable daughter of the Queen of Ember, who just happened to be capable of pyrokinetically levelling cities if she was in a bad mood. Fortunately for all, she grew up with Corrine as a mother, who instilled the Harad family values ("Kicking Ass, Taking Names, Protecting Family, and Looking Good While Doing It") during her formative years. She had a crush on Ota 'Shaft' Tenjou for a little while, and later appeared to be developing a relationship of some sort with Nagisa?, the Child of Water, near the end of the campaign.

Gabrielle was created by Philip Moyer, and SPC'd with much flair and elan by Mercutio.