"The Outsiders are evil beings of immence power who, ages ago, loaned their lawnmower to the unicorn and the serpent, who never got around to returning it. They've been trying to get it back ever since, tricking people into offering black and decker accessories to the unicorn in exchange."

     --- Dworkin of Gumi-Amber explains the Outsiders to Corrine, A Fistful of Finndos

The Outsiders. Their names whispered in dark corners, promising power and glory to those in the Real universe, seeking ways In from Outside, to regain what they had lost eons ago when the Logrus and Pattern came to be and brought structure to Shadow?. To study them is to risk falling under their sway, for the more you learn about their ways, the more you risk your sanity... as evidenced by Annadil of Chaos, who exchanged his sanity for Power from the Outsiders in order to attempt to open the Gate of Revolution, to try and remake the known universe to his vision. He was defeated, the Font of Power was sealed, and the Gate of Revolution was closed, preventing them from overrunning the known universe in total.

In the course of Through A Mirror Darkly, the following Outsiders or their servants were encountered. Read more about them, at your peril: