One day, I gazed into the mirror and looked upon myself.
  Yet, it was not myself, for the me in the mirror was backwards.
  Nor was it myself, because it was enslaved to my will.
  I could make it do anything I wanted.

  But then I wondered...was it thinking the same thing?
  Perhaps it was looking at me, and thinking that I was its puppet.

  Had someone chained us together?
  Enslaved us to dance in unison for all eternity?
  Unable to be free to change?
  What if I decided to be the backwards one?

  I could not.

  And so I resolved to shatter the mirror,
  For the mirror must crack,
  If the reflection is ever to be free of its slavery.

--The Prophecies of the Unicorn, Mirror 1

Hiko the FireChilde?

"Not more damn prophecies."

Hiko the Firechilde says, "Ya too tired to do me, John?"
Hiko the Firechilde blinkies.
Hiko the Firechilde says, "Did I just say that?"
Shaft says, "c'mon, i wanna see her in action
)" :
A tired Hiko, late at night, OOC:

And then there is a sudden shift. You see Juri in a birthing chamber, in the agony of labor. She gives birth to a baby. It's hard to tell if the Baby is You, because like all babies, she's a wrinkly prune.
Hiko as a baby, as described by the GM

Hiko the Firechilde OOCly giggles. "Yeah, I'm paranoid... what can I say?"
Hiko's Player on Hiko

Hiding is good. Hiding is very good. And this man was so willing to let her into his mind... he must be crazy, or damn confident in himself. The strength of his mind overwhelmed her.... maybe he would be able to protect her. Hide her.
Hiding is good.
Hiko on remaining unseen

Hiko the Firechilde OOCly says, "Checking surface thoughts again... she always does this. Always wants to know what peple are thinking regarding her."
Hiko's Player on Hiko meeting people

"If you keep up the habit of invading people's minds, sooner or later you'll get a spanking in Amber, though :)"
The GM's later OOC comment on this

{Hiko is hiding in her closet when a rat falls on her head}
Hiko the Firechilde picks up the rat, and eyeballs it balefully. It twists in her grasp. The rat squeaks at you. She says, "Stupid not to bring food."
The rat says, "I'm not the one hiding in a closet. So don't call me stupid for not bringing you food."
Hiko meets Duke Miki, Lord of the Kitchens (a rat)

Hiko drew her shoulders up. "Kasumi-san... aren't you dead?"
She smiles brightly. "Are you a guest here?" Blinking, she replies to you, "Do I look dead?"
Hiko the Firechilde says, "The Dark Riders raped you and beheaded you. I saw them."
Hiko the Firechilde OOCly represses the urge to say "I see dead people"
Hiko meets Kasumi

[Foxtrot stops prodding and says, "How sad is it that Hiko can only relate to suffering? ^_^" to Akemi]
Hiko's Player on Hiko's empathy

Met Juri. She seems pretty nice. She'll probably die soon. Nice people always die. But she seems to have been through the same kind of things I have, so maybe she won't die. There are a lot of dead people walking around here. I saw Kasumi, but she says she's not dead. I don't believe her. The Old Man opened up another hole in the air. I need to know how he did that.
A rat talked to me, too. I've never seen a talking rat before. I wonder how good they taste.
From Hiko's Diaries

Foxtrot stops prodding and says, "Hiko uses her magic to check for psychic impressions." to Akemi
Akemi pages, "Got the log. You try reading for psychic impressions, but the only impressions on it are ones you've left. After carrying this thing for 82 years, you've destroyed all other impressions" to you.
Foxtrot stops prodding and says, "D'oh!" to Akemi
Hiko and her box

If she's going to be hunted, she might as well have every tool at her disposal as she can. AND, there's a formal dinner tonight.
Hiko's priorities

Hisame Shizumaru

"Gomen nasai. Mou ikimasu." ( I am sorry. I must go now.)

Shizumaru in the Woods with Mai:

Shizumaru grimaces. This wasn't his idea of a little excursion...oh well. Children are children--or something like that. He gets down on all fours, putting his umbrella in front of him, and pushing it along as he moves. "How much farther is it?" he says, not realizing how closely he sounds to a weary child. At least he didn't say, 'Are we there yet?'

Shizumaru proves he isn't a prophet:

"A prince? I don't think I'm one either."

Shizumaru, Totoro, and Mai on the Blood of Amber:

Totoro says with the digging noises made by earthworms, "Indeed, the blood of Amber flows in your veins."

Mai says, "Won't Amber be in trouble if Shimubaru has his blood?"

Totoro laughs with the booming of thunder at Mai's question. "Amber has more blood than it needs, child."

Shizumaru is caught short by Mai's innocence, and actually laughs, matching Totoro, releasing some of the tension that's been building in him. "Amber isn't a person, Mai. It's...a place." The True Place, it's said. "Or a group of people. family." He pauses. "Why have you asked for me, Lord Totoro?" What else would Shizumaru call a creature of such obvious power?

Shizumaru meets Wasyuu:

The red-haired woman says, "Are you experiencing hallucinations of dancing Unicorns?"

Shizumaru pants. Agh. Well, at least the injury seems to have been taken care of. He props himself up with an arm, and looks at this red-haired woman. ", fortunately not." He pauses, wondering what that might be all about, before continuing.

"My thanks, Sensei. I owe you much." He touches the ear with his other hand, lightly, and finds it whole. He sighs heavily. "I feel so tired...."

The red-haired woman looks relieved. "Good, I didn't clean your ear in the wrong jar, then. You're going to have a faint scar along the joint, but it should fade with time."

Shizumaru meets Makoto:

Once he can hear that the crossbow has stopped, Shizumaru warily closes the umbrella, peeking over the edge as he does so. " everyone all right?" he asks, just a bit timidly. More people here. Are they also related to him?

Shizumaru's never successful request, take 30:

Shizumaru blinks, and realizes that Vash is a cousin, and files that away mentally. He hops off his stool then and bows to King. "I am Hisame Shizumaru, from Lipun. I am pleased to make your acquaintance," he says, straightening up, and then sitting down again. " you have any sake, perhaps, Lady King?"

Shizumaru tries to decide what to do with the money Kenji gave him:

Shizumaru pushes the coins away on the bartop, but keeps staring at them. "I am not sure what to do with this. It is blood money. My blood, no less." He then scowls. "But I would hardly want it to go back to the men who wanted me dead."

Shizumaru's player on exhaustion:

Shizumaru OOCly ought to go sleep soon, before he gets keyboard-faced.

Kaworu Nagisa

"I like music, don't you..?"

Part of a Nagisa Pose:

he feels almost good enough to dip into his saddle pouch for one of Chef Bork's famous, though unidentifiable sandwiches...

Nagisa on his aunt Wakaba (The Ambre Wakaba):

Well, Aunt Wakaba is scary and not a nice person, but she's never been really evil. O.o

Nagisa loses his trumps:

Nagisa's trumps seem to have taken up residence at the bottom of the harbor.

Nagisa discussing a party at Ambre:

"Um... the rousing drinking song was one Ramon had learned in one of the rougher bars in lower Ambre... it was very... uh... well, quite educational, in any case... but that's neither here nor there and..."

Nagisa on Ambre's Kasumi:

"No she doesn't... but... she's a handy woman with an axe..."

Nagisa on Ambre:

"Ambre is... ahh... it's a close shadow of Amber. Everything is roughly the same, except for a few minor differences..."

Mikage Souji

Mikage introduces himself:

Mikage nods, silently... then remembers himself and bows. "I apologize for my lack of manners. I am called Mikage. Souji is my given name, but everyone simply calls me Mikage."

Mikage on Amber:

Mikage looks around idly and can't help feeling that the place is a little... mundane, for the One True Eternal City.

A Typical Mikage Reaction to just about anything:

Mikage draws a sharp breath and stares at his ring, with its inlaid, deep purple rose.

Mikage after a Flawed Pattern Walk during which he flashed back to a horrible memory:

Mikage says, "Hunh." He pulls out a hankerchief and wipes the blood away, absently.

Mikage learns more about his purpose:

Mikage says, "Then this truly is the power to revolutionize the world..." He looks up at Annadil and ever so slowly, smiles.

Mikage says, "You may have prepared the path before me, Annadil, but I will not die for your scheme. Not when I have my own plans to fulfill. Farewell."

Mikage taunts Annadil later at the Dueling Arena:

Mikage exclaims, "I'm sorry, Annadil, but your plans and mine are at cross-purposes, and I'm afraid one of us is simply going to have to fail!"

Mikage on martyrdom:

Mikage says, "Sacrifices are wasted on the defeated."

Mikage's final words to break Falme's mind permanently:

Mikage says, "You were right, Falme. Children do grow up. Pity you haven't."

Mikage on prudent use of the Logrus:

Mikage says, "In that case, I'll have to cancel ice-cream service until we finish our mission."

Mikage on the rules of power:

Mikage says, "In the game of power, as in the game of magic, it is not the magnitude of the spell that determines your skill..."

Mikage opens his hand with a flourish, and a dove flies from his hand. "...but the effortless delivery."

Ota "Shaft" Tenjou

"Do NOT fuck with me."

"I was bored."
Shaft on why he drew his own flawed pattern, gaining 40 points of bad stuff in the process.

"damn spellcasting motherfucker... damn cow-eating tubby motherfucker.... damm damn damn"
Shaft on Jade Mask and Prince Hayao of Lipun

"Goddam...mutherfuckin.... magic.."
Shaft on Magic

"Hey, Inverse," grumbles Shaft. "Fishin' for kings here, kinda busy."
Shaft greets Lina

Shaft brings his hand to his crossbow but doesn't lift it. "You'll excuse me if I'm bein' a bit hostile, but I just got through messin' with people who looked like other people but weren't, so I ain't too sure who's who right now."
Shaft greets Derith

Shaft finally notices Nagisa. "An'who the hell are you? Not that I ain't thankful for you being cannon fodder'n shit, but...."
Shaft greets Nagisa

Shaft grumbles as they disappear, "Hey Shaft, thanks for savin' our asses. How'bout we be helpful and explain why the fuck we was down here with Jade Mask?"
Shaft on Amberite Gratitude

Shaft sighs and grabs the biggest net he can find, then drags the Lipuner out of the water. "I've had a long night, fatass. Give me any grief and I'll kick your balls outta your goddamn nostrils."
Shaft saves Hayao from drowning

Ryo pages, "oh, good. i know shaft is going to give a lot of long annoyed stares when the noble talk starts flying. i.e. 'Y'talk like my gramma, man.'" to you.
Shaft OOC on formal noble speech

Shaft gets up, then stomps on the floor vigorously. "SHUT THE GODDAMN TRUMPET 'FORE I BUST YOUR ASS FOR PISSIN' OFF THE LAW!"
The trumpet is silent now, and you hear someone suppress the dog.
Shaft grumbles and shuffles back to his 'breakfast'
Shaft on Street Music

Shaft eyes the rock as it lands amongst the growing pile of rocks that've been going through his window lately. "Huh." Groggily, he picks up the rock and unfolds the note, muttering about busting some punk-ass rock-throwing ass.
'Answer the Trump Contact before I have to come kick your ass. Your loving aunt, Princess Nanami'
Shaft gets a message from his aunt

"The big man is royalty? Damn, shoulda shot him more."
Shaft on learning Hayao is a Prince of Lipun

"undercover work on an island, yeah. I'll fit right in there. Dark-ass tan, me. No problem."
Shaft on undercover work

Shaft. o O (Find this, find that, find shit. What am I, the royal fuckin' bloodhound?)
Shaft on Finding People

"Hey, if it ain't my favorite maid," Shaft says with a sly smile. "Howya doin' today, beautiful?"
Kasumi says, "Well, a strange girl told me I had been killed and raped, then threatened me with a sword, then ran off. But other than that, life has been okay."
Shaft and Kasumi

At King's Bar:

Meanwhile, Shaft Moves Cheese

Shaft says, "hey king, need me to smack down some poultry or somethin'?"
Shaft at the Formal Dinner

"I thought that was, like, a parakeet or something."
- Ota Tenjou on Cockatrices.

"Kiss my ass, bitch!"
Ota Tenjou to Morgoth, Evil God of the Valar.

"I promised my ego, which ain't no small thing."
Ota Tenjou on why he was determined to kill Morgoth, after being informed Morgoth was possibly unbeatable.

"I hate magic."
Ota Tenjou on magic.

NPC Quotes:

"You are familiar with the concept of seasons, I assume?"
High Priest Geo of Ambre to Nagisa

"You are the Child of Water. The Child of Fire is lost in Shadow. The Child of Wood is on his way to Amber. The Child of Metal already dwells in Amber, it is his home. And the Child of Air sits and broods amongst the wreckage of dreams gone sour. The Serpent's grandson has turned one of my dreams into a nightmare and seeks to use it to destroy you all before you can be born. The Lion prowls the night, seeking to devour babies. For that is what each of you are. You must go to Amber, go into Shadow, find them, and gather them before the Lion and his brood can slay them."
The Unicorn speaks to Nagisa

"Hey, is someone using the Jewel of Judgement without asking again?" she asks. "Why didn't you invite me?"
Lina Inverse at the dock brawl

"I am Lina Inverse, the one, the only, the most Real, Powerful, and all around Beautiful and Awesome Sorceress in all the Universe. I can make the Jewel of Judgement roll over and do tricks for me."
Lina introduces herself

"No thanks, Shaft. I got attacked by a living cigarette once, and after that, I quit smoking."
Lina on smoking

"Still the gutter-mouth, nephew? What happened here?"
Derith greets Shaft

Derith sits silently while his nephew rages, waiting for the storm to pass.
During Derith and Nagisa's discussion of Nagisa's parentage

"However, it would seem that my sister sent you to a very safe Shadow, one well suited for young children... if not so well suited to preparing you for life in Amber."
Derith on Ambre

Kozue starts, then says, "Do you remember the Dragon that our older half-brother Van died fighting?"

Derith nods. "I remember him leaving to face a dragon. What happened afterward is uncertain."

Kozue says, "I found them. They were both dead, and another dragon had moved into the lair, arranging the other dragon and Van in a necromanticdiorama. I decided to steal Van's body so he could be properly buried. As usually happens, things went poorly and I had to fight the dragon to the death. But then the damnable thing came back to life while I was searching its hoard. So I killed it again. It came back."

Kozue says, "And then its master arrived. His name was Isaac, and he had mastered several dozen dragons with this." She holds up the ring. "So I used subtlety."

Derith sighs and places his hands over his eyes. Derith says to his sister. "PLEASE tell me you didn't seduce him."

Kozue says, "Of course I did."

Nagisa stiffens slightly, and murmurs more to himself than anyone else, "Serpent and Children of the serpent..."

Kozue says, "He was damn good too; I could hardly believe it."

Nagisa realizes what his mother is saying and BLUSHES.

Kozue says, "I really regretted it after I took his ring and then commanded the undead dragon to eat him."

Derith holds out a hand. "May I examine it?"

Kozue says, "But the damn thing ate Van's corpse while I was busy. The dragon, that is. I believe this ring is Magnus the Unseen, the legendary Spikard."

Kozue describes how she got her spikard

"Sometimes it is best to throw oneself on the knife and get it over with, so yes, you will be presented to everyone."
Kozue on presenting Nagisa to the Court

"Best you meet them all at their best."
"Or at least when they are drunk and their guards are down."
Derith and Kozue:

"Our Fuyutsuki is often different from himself."
Kozue on Fuyutsuki

"I am the new Court Jester, Giacomo the Great, King of Jesters and Jester to Kings! King Tylor has just summoned me from the Court of Wroland, where I was noted for my powerful wit and skill at singing. The Lady Corrine has invited me to come and sing for you."
Fuyutsuki in one of his moods

The old man hands it to the squat man, who begins to play while 'Giacomo' sings. "Oh, Sakura was a lusty lass, but Gendo found her to be a pain in the ass. She beat him up and beat him down, and chased him all around the town. She had three sons, and that was fun, but her brother threatened Amber, and then he died, cause he fell on a knife fifteen times."
Fuyutsuki on Sakura

'Giacomo' continues, "She asked him if he did it, and he said he couldn't lie, he'd arranged for her brother's assisted suicide. So she cursed him up and she cursed him down, and then she said she'd destroy his town." As he sings, the horrible kazoo playing complements his horrible singing.

"Haruka was her name, having children who died was her game. The Cimbri killed her children, the Cimbri burned her lands, the Cimbri desecrated her ancestor's graves, it was more than she could stand. The war went on and on and on, fighting without end. But then they all died. Dammit, that didn't rhyme."
Fuyutsuki on Haruka

Corrine OOCly says, "And tomorrow, we'll have Grand Rapaster Fuyutsuki-D, jammin' and Illin' to the Second Theran War!"
Corrine OOC on Fuyutsuki's singing

'Giacomo' turns to Miki. "Do you think the King would like me to sing that song at the feast?"
Miki says, "I think you need to...practice it some more before you take it on the road."
Madoka says, "I'll stab you to death if you try it, 'Giacomo'."
Miki and Madoka give career Advice to Fuyutsuki

"And I am Fuyutsuki, son of Aule, wearer of Narya, and Duke of Erle."
Fuyutsuki introduces himself

"I could throw my pocket watch at her, but I don't think that would be enough."
Miki when asked if he has a weapon

"o/~but into darkness fell his star/ in Mordor, where the Shadows are. o/~"
Tybalt (An observer non-player) on Gil-Galad

Another man with a deep voice replies, "The fire breathing turtles were hardly any threat at all. I look forward to the crabs."
Ambassador Krishya on the denizens of Castle Amber's plumbing access tunnels

"Itsa probably more of those damned turtles. If I ever figure out which prince flushed those stupid things down the privy, I'ma gonna kill him. They breed like rabbits." You hear faint quadripedal footsteps behind you.
Mario on the same topic

"You walked the Pattern because Crusty dared you to?"
"I couldn't just ignore a double dog dare, now could I?"
Vash explains to Utena why he walked the Pattern

"But how did a flaming dyke have a child? Have you been holding out on us?"
Saionji on discovering Hiko is Juri's child

Totoro speaks with the cry of the whipporwhil. "He is the axe which levels the forest. He is the death of all things green and growing. He has given himself to metal and become it. A kami is bound within his arm, and a second one within his head. They guide him in battle. I do not know why he seeks to slay you, only that it is so."
Totoro describes Drake-Embra:

The man smiles. "Child, you are only the beginning. But without you, there can be no Gathering of the Five. And without the Gathering, we cannot be denied. We shall open the Gate of Revolution, and make a new and better world, casting this wretched one into the dustbin, an experiment which failed." He jumps back as he says this, drawing his sword. "You will fall. All of you will fall, and then we will be the Truth which reveals the Lies. Do not fear, I will slay you swiftly, for I am not a cruel man."
Drake-Embra greets Shizumaru

"Wasyuu, go find where his mother is hiding."
Wasyuu rolls her eyes. "Utena, I'm a doctor, not a bloodhound."
Utena and Wasyuu, shades of Dr. McCoy.

"Last I heard, he'd run off to make love to his Shadow or whatever he does in that place."
Wasyuu on Drake

"I'm Ramon."
"The Human Shield."
"I am NOT a human shield."
"Yo! Human shield!"
Ramon, Shinobu and Shaft introduce Ramon.

"Oh, I remember the time Father and Drake got mad and started hitting each other with tables."
Michelle, on Dinner Disasters.

"Knowing I'll be the sister-in-law of the biggest whore in Amber doesn't make me happy either, but I'll put up with it for Miki's sake."
Madoka on Kozue

"PuNK Ass BItCH, LEaVIng Me TO fall In ThE sea."
- The Sign of the Logrus makes a Surprise Visit to Ember, and Talks Smack to Gabrielle

"I wiLL nOt bE MocKED by A MeRe ChiLD." It thunders at Gabrielle, then pauses. "I HoPE yOU haVE LeARN...URd, WhAT tHe FUcK ArE YoU doiNG HeRE?"
- The Sign of the Logrus gets a surprise in turn

Miscellaneous GM Statements

The GM takes no responsibility for similarities between names of Canadians and a barbarian tribe from real history :)