Avatar of the Fire Pattern, Protector of Ember, and lover of Corrine, the Queen of Ember.

Created at the moment of the repair of the Fire Pattern, and templated from Corrine's memories of her long-deceased first love, the Red Knight watched over the kingdom for 500 years, waiting patiently for the Queen's return. For Corrine, it had only been one day (the vagarities of time differentials, boys and girls), but once they met, they got along well.

Very well.

EXTREMELY Well. So much so that he soon gained the title of "Royal Consort", though the relationship between the two was more akin to marraige than anything else.

The Red Knight is a handsome sort, with tanned skin, ash-brown hair, and amber eyes. He ususally wears full plate armor, enameled in scarlet and trimmed in gold. A broadsword is his weapon of choice. He is the youngest of the Pattern Knights. Gabrielle treats him as her father, which is as good a way of looking at their relationship as any.

The concepts for the Pattern Knights were created by John Biles, and the specifics for the Red Knight were hashed out by Philip Moyer.