Hisame Shizumaru. The innocent of the family, raised in the countryside of Lipun by his mother, far from the intrigues of Amber, and instilled with a sense of Lipunese honor.

A young, earnest man, the son of Touga and Hisame Atsuko. He is the Child of Wood, bearer of the Seed of Hope, able to bend plant life to his will. Favored by Utena (whom he thought to be his real mother for a short while), Corrine, and Nanami.

He is among the finer fighters of the family, adept with sword and, of all things, bamboo umbrella. He met Rimururu of Frostspire, and was courting her for her hand in marriage. Along the way, he became the master of the Keep of the Five Elements, and took the post of Amber's ambassador to Lipun.