The Spoon Of Dworkin.

An artifact of originally-dubious usefulness, it looked like a simple, hand-carved wooden spoon, suitable for eating with if one disregarded the many curious scratches on its surface. The Spoon was brought by Juri of Avalon to Corrine's home universe after their cross-universal jaunt, and it was purported to have been the very same Spoon used to remove the Left Eye of the Serpent Of Chaos by the Dworkin Barimen of Roderick's universe.

Wether or not that particular story was entirely true, was WAS known about the Spoon is that it saved Corrine and Juri's collective butts several times during the Siege of the Keep of the Five Worlds and the Second Day of Darkness. With enough mental power behind it, the Spoon was capable of negating the effects of Primal Chaos, and blowing off CATS's head when he tried to bite off the arm of a Spoon-wielding Corrine.

The current deposition of the Spoon of Dworkin is unknown.