The age of lust is giving birth
And both the parents ask
The nurse to tell them fairy tales
On both sides of the glass
Now the infant with his cord
Is hauled in like a kite
And one eye filled with blueprints
One eye filled with night...
--Leonard Cohen


Thirty years after the death of Oberon and the end of the Patternfall War, Corwin and Random decide to have a commemorative dinner, and bring together as many of the family as they can for the occasion. There's even a few Chaosians showing up. How things have changed! What could possibly go wrong?


Chronologically, the setting of the campaign is some three decades after the end of the Patternfall War, as time flows in Amber.

The Corwin books can be considered "canon". The Merlin books cannot, although I'll be using certain elements from them at my leisure and discretion.

The major surface difference that you may want to concern yourselves with when conceiving characters is that King Swayvill of Chaos is still alive, having recovered at the last moment from a supposedly terminal illness and stomped down hard on the various factions who'd moved to seize power while he lay on his not-so-deathbed. This has resulted in power becoming somewhat more centralized since that crisis in Chaos. Swayvill seems revitalized since his brush with death--more vigourous and more active in the direct business of ruling than he's been in centuries.

In Amber, things are in a static and peaceful state. Those of the Elders who make their regular home in Amber are Random, Benedict, Gerard, Julian, and Flora. Other Elders make the occasional appearance: Corwin has been a frequent presence lately, and Llewella, who makes her home in Rebma, is a not infrequent visitor. Caine is dead, having been assassinated by an unknown attacker around the time of the turmoil in Chaos.

A page for the public info about the Player Characters.

The information you are likely to know in-character about the Elder Family of Amber.

Talkin' about your generation.

A few interesting characters on the Amber side who aren't family.

The contents of the standard Amber Trump deck.

A few things about the Golden Circle, the nearby Shadows with whom Amber has trade and diplomatic relations.

Information about the Courts of Chaos.

The hopefully-to-be-regularly-updated dramatis personae.

The ever-lovable Quotes section!

Filks that KNOW NO MERCY by Mike Loader.


Characters will be built with 125 points, plus up to 20 for contributions.

The following contributions will earn you 10 points:

The following contributions will earn you a certain number of points based on my discretion:

Everyone will be of Amber's bloodline, although not necessarily aware of it at the beginning of the game if that's what you desire--with the single exception that I'm willing to allow one or two people to play Chaosians if they so desire (first come, first served, on this). I would, in fact, encourage at least one person to play a Chaosian.

I have decided to make partial powers available from the start of the game, using a modified system drawn from John's rules that can be found here. I am also using the Split Stat rules John has used in UNS, with the restriction that the maximum split you can have at the beginning of the game for your lower split stat to be half the value of the original stat (i.e. if you put 20 points into Warfare, you must have a minimum of 10 points in Tactics to begin the game).

Magic and artifact/creature rules have undergone heavy modification. See below.


I will be using the DRPG rules with some modification. As far as the major powers (Pattern, Logrus, Trump, Shapeshifting) go, I am generally okay with how they are handled by Wujcik, although I'm considering reducing the cost of Trump abilities.