The Standard Amber Trump Deck

The standard Amber trump deck, as provided by Dworkin to any acknowledged family member who wants it, contains the following:


Benedict, Bleys, Corwin, Fiona, Flora, Gerard, Julian, Llewella, Random.

Children of Elders

Martin, Malcolm, Billy, Merlin, Akami, Tobias, Lysander, Eorann, Theresa.

Other People

Queen Vialle, Bill Roth.


Main Hall of Castle Amber, Main Gates of City Amber, the Rebman Steps, the Edge of Arden, the Tir-na Nog'th Steps.

The standard deck as provided to the younger generation does not contain those members of the family who are deceased, or people like Dara whom you're likely to get yourself in trouble by contacting. It doesn't contain a trump for Dworkin because he's got better things to do than have a bunch of young whippersnappers Trumping him and interrupting his important experiments every time they have a question about some fool thing that they could figure out themselves if they just put a little backbone into it, goldangit.