Important Amberites (Non-Family)

Vialle, Queen of Amber

Vialle, a blind woman from Rebma, was originally forcibly married to Random by Queen Moire of Rebma, as part of Random's penance for the abandonment of Morganthe, Moire's daughter, who committed suicide soon after giving birth to Martin.

That the match turned into a deep and true love for both of them is the kind of rare, remarkable thing that spawns endless romantic ballads. Vialle is Random's trusted confidant, and wields a great deal of power in Amber. She is unusually perceptive, intelligent and charming, and complements her impulsive and still somewhat unpolished royal husband to brilliant effect.

Vialle is an extremely talented sculptress, crafting remarkable busts of the Royal Family and others after merely the opportunity to touch their faces once. Anyone who was raised in Amber or spent time there likely has at least one fond memory (and probably many) of taking tea with Vialle in her studio and talking.

Vialle recently had her studio blown up by Croupe and Vandemar during the Dinner From Hell; the destruction of so much of her art appears to have generated a kind of psychic backlash, which nearly killed her. Her life was, according to Fiona, saved by the quick actions of two members of the Chaosian delegation, Lord Arawn and Lady Lucinda.

Bill Roth, Counsel to the Court of Amber and Governor of Amber City

Bill Roth was a lawyer on Shadow Earth, but chanced to become a good friend of Corwin's during Corwin's amnesiac time in that place, and was later instrumental in helping to negotiate the Patternfall Treaty with the Courts of Chaos, which officially ended the Patternfall War.

About two decades back, Bill came to Amber, and has remained there ever since. He is a fairly important and influential figure in the kingdom, and has helped with the wording of many treaties since his arrival, making the occasional visit back to Shadow Earth to visit his family.

He is a vital man who appears to be in his late fifties, and seems to have "gone native" in Amber to the point where those who meet him for the first time usually assume he's lived there all his life.

Bill has good (or at least polite) relations with absolutely everyone in the Royal Family, but is particularly close to Random, Flora and Corwin. Several years back, after the death of the old Governor of Amber City, he was appointed to the position by Random, and has received general acclaim as a fair and capable administrator.

Stacey Hawkins, Former Lover of Corwin

Stacey Hawkins is a slender blond woman who looks to be in well-preserved middle age. She showed up shortly after the Patternfall War with her daughter Theresa, and appeared quite glad to find some place to settle down. She bears some facial resemblance to the deceased Dierdre, a fact that has caused some whispers, and helps to explain why her daughter looks so much like Dierdre.

Stacey does not seem to have adjusted to life in Amber as well as Bill Roth has, and spends most of her time in her rooms at the castle, or with her daughter when Theresa is in Amber. She is known to be friends with Flora and Bill Roth, and generally gets on quite well with other members of the Royal Family; some wagging tongues have recently linked her romantically to Prince Julian, a rumour that neither of them have done anything to confirm or deny.

It is unknown just how she feels about Corwin, given his recent return. They are polite to one another in public; whether they have had much private interaction since his reappearance is not commonly known. Stacey met Corwin's grandson Eric at the Dinner From Hell, and seems to be quite taken with him.

Droppa Mapants, Court Jester of Amber

Droppa was appointed Court Jester by Oberon about a century ago. He is the master of pratfalls, japes, slapsticks, and stealing routines from better comedians in various Shadows. Droppa is also a bibulous sort, and has much interests (financial and personal) in the restaurants and bars of Amber City, to whom he is probably the best guide there is.

He seems unaccountably nervous of late, but it is not really known why.

Lucky, Wonder-Dog of Amber

Lucky is Fiona's dog, an Irish setter by breed. He first showed up in Amber a decade back as a rambunctious puppy, and Fiona usually brings him along whenever she visits. He is a magnificent example of the breed, and seems extremely intelligent. For an Irish setter.

When Lucky is in Amber, he tends to spend most of his time roaming around the gardens, or playing with Flora's wolfhounds.

Lucky was badly wounded in the attack by Purple Armour on Lysander in Kashfa, and has currently been sent back to Amber to rest and recover.