"Suhuy wordlessly held up a card. It showed a young man, tall and slender, apparently in his early twenties. His features were sharp, but handsome. His eyes were a dark blue, and the long hair that fell to his shoulderblades was a reddish-brown. He wore an almost uniform-like jacket, dark grey with blue, and black pants. His hands were empty, and he seemed to be waiting for something. He stood in front of a wall, the only distinguishing feature a tapestry with a stylized depiction of the Serpent. This young man was my son, Arawn of Sawall."

- Mandor

Arawn is in many ways his father's son. Friendly, charming, interested in matters arcane and political ... still, while he follows politics, he does not seem tempted to dabble in them like his father did.

Born after the Patternfall War, Arawn grew up within Sawallways, his education taken care of by the best tutors available. He took the Logrus at a fairly young age, and vanished into shadow for a while, travelling and learning. He returned only recently, but has already been seen around at various social events, usually with a beautiful lady by his side. It remains to be seen what his plans for the future are.

While it is known that Mandor is his father, his mother is generally not mentioned. However, it is an open secret among the Houses that the lady Dara apparently had a romantic encounter with her stepson, which would explain why Arawn adressed Despil and Jurt as brothers on the few occasions they were seen together in public.

His colors are blue and black and grey, and his symbol is a black sun.