Ceitidh of House Feegle (Ceitidh mac Feegle)

"The next card. Stormy gray eyes framed by shoulder-length dark auburn tresses glared at me; her brow was lightly furrowed by a scowl, and her lips were pursed in irritation. She was attractive enough, or would be with a more pleasant expression on her face. Her upper body was covered by a leather breastplate, fitted for her trim warrior's figure, leaving her well-toned arms exposed. Below that was a tartan kilt that ended just above her knee. To her side, leaning against the doorway in which she stood, was a huge sword, about as long from tip to hilt as she was tall: a claymore, signature blade of the Feegles. At her feet was a tartan bag studded with pipes--the signature instrument of the Feegles. This was Ceitidh mac Feegle, seemingly an embodiment of the spirit of her House, daughter of Lord Lachlan mac Feegle."

The Feegles are a long line of warriors, and Ceitidh is no exception to this. Having been born shortly after the Patternfall War, she was raised in a military house that was rebuilding its strength, and so easily found a place among its soldiers.

She has not gone very far from the Courts; indeed, she hasn't even left the Ways of Feegle very much, preferring instead to concentrate on training at home--and there haven't been too many wars to fight since Patternfall, anyway. She has spent some time in Hendrakeways, as Feegle is a vassal house to them, and has become friends with Gilva, having trained with her some as well. In that way, her life has been sheltered...if spending months at a time in the cold, harsh environment of the highlands beating the crap out of others to strengthen herself can be called such. Well, in the political sense, she's certainly been sheltered. Which is why going all the way to Amber as a member of Hendrake's diplomatic corps is going to be a bit of a shock to the poor lass.

Only recently did she walk the Logrus, her right as a child of a minor noble. Word is that she acquired her obsession with bagpipes, notable even among her family, as a result of the short period of insanity that follows walking the Logrus.