House Chanicut

It helps to understand House Chanicut to know that in the tongues of the Courts, "chanicut" is used as a verb meaning "to bend the rules expertly". A "chanicut" used as a noun is derisive slang among some Houses (Hendrake and associated ones in particular) for an oily smooth-talker of any origins.

Chanicut produces the best diplomats, lawyers and politicians in the Courts, men and women whose profession it is to say the right thing at the right time to the right people. It controls much of the administrative side of the Courts, the bureaucracies that handles central questions of law and custom and diplomacy in the Courts. It lacks the military power of Hendrake or the mystical prestige of Sawall, but wields its power subtly and behind the scenes to great effect.


"...Prince Tubble of the Ways of Chanicut, phasing back and forth between human and swirling demonic forms. Placid, heavy, subtle; centuries old and very shrewd; he wore a fringed beard, had wide, innocent, pale eyes, was a master of many games..." --Merlin, Prince of Chaos

Tubble, the current head of Chanicut, faced a similar situation to Mandor of Sawall in light of the unsavouriness of two decades back; that is to say, Swayvill wanted to show his displeasure, but Tubble was more useful to him alive and intimidated than dead or imprisoned.

Whether Tubble wears a fringed beard any more is not a fact widely known. Since his private audience with Swayvill to account for his actions, he has worn a silver mask, cast in a snarling demon face, covering his entire head. From within its ever-open mouth, his once-smooth voice emanates, quiet and rasping and pained. There are, of course, plenty of horrible rumours about what's beneath the mask, but no one knows which (if any) are true.