The Younger Generation of Amber

In (roughly) birth order by Amber time.


Martin is King Random's son by Morganthe, the daughter of Queen Moire of Rebma. Random abandoned her after a brief dalliance, and she committed suicide soon after the birth of Martin. Despite this rather tragic beginning, Martin apparently has very good relations these days with his reformed father, and with his stepmother, Queen Vialle.

Martin was somehow utilized by Brand in a failed attempt to destroy the Pattern during the succession crisis that took place before the Patternfall War. The details of this are not exactly clear, although it is known that Martin nearly died because of it.

Those who knew Martin before two decades ago remember him as a fairly quiet and unassuming sort, someone who enjoyed using the Pattern to explore Shadow, and who occasionally returned to Amber to visit his father. Something apparently made him change his attitude around then, as he's now a leather-wearing mohawked punk-type (although still perfectly polite) who wears a lot of odd jewelry, some of it actually appearing to be implanted within his body. He's not often seen in Amber these days.

Martin was supposed to appear at the Dinner From Hell, but cancelled at the last minute for unknown reasons. Given what recently happened to his stepmother (of whom he is notedly fond), it is possible he may soon appear in Amber.


"He did not much resemble his mother, except in the colour of his eyes and something of the shape of his mouth. Flora had met his father, one of the milder of the Black Panthers, at one Bernstein's evenings in the 60s... on the trump, he wore a neat dark suit and carried a walking stick, and the blue eyes behind the wire-framed glasses were intense and searching."

Malcolm is only fairly recently a known presence in Amber, although he was born a decade or so before the Patternfall War, to one of Flora's Shadow Earth lovers. He makes his regular home on Shadow Earth, and seems, oddly, to far prefer it to Amber. He is known to have done some study with Fiona, who seems to have a fondness for him. He returns to Amber occasionally to visit his mother, with whom he has an affectionate but somewhat uncomfortable relationship.

Rumours about a blossoming love affair between Malcolm and one Lady Ceitidh of the Chaosian delegation have spread since the Dinner From Hell. Flora does not seem entirely unpleased by them.


"The artist of the card had caught the young man in apparent repose, seated in a slender chair in Benedict's Japanese garden with a book open in his lap. He seemed unaware of the observation, and was smiling quietly to himself as though reading something that pleased him. He was handsome and dark-haired, with Bley's eyes... I had been told his mother had been from Hong Kong, on Shadow Earth..."

Bley's son, Billy competes with Gerard for the title of being the most insufferably nice and good-natured person in the entire family, a contest he often wins by virtue of not having Gerard's temper. Billy was brought to Amber by Bleys about a decade back, after his mother's death; he has since walked the Pattern, taken on a fairly high-ranking position in the City Guards, and done some service under Gerard in Amber's navy.

Depending on your general attitude, Billy can seem either one of the genuinely nice people in the universe, or a smarmy goody two-shoes. Akami takes the latter view, mostly because Billy seems to think (and occasionally tells her) that she just needs to stop being so negative all the time.

Billy is another martially-inclined member of your generation, although not as good as Akami. His signature weapon is a pair of very small crossbows that he uses to shoot little tiny bolts that kill things just a teensy bit dead.

Billy has recovered from his beating at Croupe and Vandemar's hands enough to get up and go about the city, and is currently making investigations into their activities within Amber.


Something of a complicated case, but nevertheless counted among the younger generation under proper genealogies. Dara, currently a fairly important Lady of Chaos, is somehow a descendant of Benedict. It is not clear exactly how this came about, and Benedict is not too inclined to talk about it. If Dara is not his actual daughter, information about her ancestors (and, presumably, Benedict's actual daughter or son) is impossible to come by in Amber.

What complicates the situation further is that Dara is the mother of Corwin's son Merlin. Corwin appears to find the subject of Dara painful, and will not speak about her.


Merlin, Corwin's son by Dara, was raised in the Courts of Chaos, and spent some time in Amber and on Shadow Earth once he reached maturity. He has not been seen since the crisis in Chaos touched off by King Swayvill's brush with death two decades ago, and if any of the elder family know what happened to him (including the recently-returned Corwin) they will not speak of it.

Merlin, if you knew him, was a pleasant enough sort, and had a wide range of abilities, including the use of the rather mysterious Chaosian equivalent of the Pattern, the Logrus. Most of the elders, if asked, seem to believe that he's off somewhere in Shadow for his own reasons.

Merlin is still missing, but his ten-year old son's recent appearance would seem to indicate that he must be out there, somewhere.


"The young woman on the card was tall and severely beautiful, with eyes as dark as her father's, and long black hair pulled back into a tight braid. She wore something like a military dress uniform, dark in hue, with a black chain surcoat over it, and carried a long sabre at her side. Her features were dour; I got the impression that she did not often smile..."

The daughter of Caine by his last lover, Vinta Bayle, Akami was born eight months after Caine's death and seems to have taken after her deceased father in both her appearance, and in her generally cold and mistrustful attitude towards the world at large.

She has a distant, strained relationship with her mother, and seems to get along best with Julian out of all the elders. Akami is very martially inclined, and carries a sword called Scirgast that she reputedly forged in some dark manner using her own blood; it kills things very dead.

She very recently walked the Pattern and headed off into Shadow with Julian to explore the use of her new abilities. Since her return, she's seemed a bit more cheerful and friendly than she usually is, and helped Tobias pitch Mister Croupe out the window during the Dinner From Hell before he could messily explode and ruin everyone's evening further.

Akami is recovering after having her arm ripped off by the Oak's Hand, and is predicted to be pretty cranky in the future because of this.

Recently Revealed Members

They've come crawling out of the woodwork recently, it seems.

Osric (Junior)

"The card showed a tall, willowy woman with long ash-blonde hair pulled back into a mannish ponytail at the nape of her neck. She wore a plain dress of black and grey and yellow, functional rather than formal. Two long swords, their handles plain as the dress she wore, were strapped to her back in dark leather scabbards, forming an X..."

Osric appeared in Amber on the day of the recent Dinner from Hell, claiming to be the daughter of Osric the Elder, who died in an ancient war shortly before the birth of Corwin. She speaks Thari with a very archaic accent that seems to add weight to this. Her mother's identity is unknown.

She swore fealty to Random at the dinner, and seems to respect Benedict a great deal. Her feelings towards the other Elders are unknown. She seems to treat those of her generation with, at best, tolerant contempt (this is somewhat understandable, given that she's probably older than any living Elder except Benedict).

Her abilities are mostly unknown at this time, although she has claimed to be very good with her swords (they belonged to her father), and demonstrated that she can, by doing something involving much concentration, make dynamite fail to explode when it apparently should.

Osric is believed to be doing something for Benedict at the moment, possibly because he's the only one she'll really listen to. Although she does seem rather easily frightened by Flora and the threat of shopping trips.


"The card showed a slender, round-faced young man, olive-skinned, with wavy dark green hair down past his shoulders, dressed in blousy pants and a scaled shirt, both of shimmering blue fabric. Around his neck, he wore a necklace of black coral pieces. His expression was friendly, open, and rather dim."

Llewellyn is Llewella's son, his father unknown. He, like Osric Junior and Eric Junior, appeared in Amber on the day of the Dinner from Hell, and was unknown to the family until that time. His appearance is Rebman enough to suggest that his father is likely from there.

He seems very friendly, but somewhat dim. He has claimed to have walked the Pattern (without falling even once), and to know sorcery (but Llewella says he needs to learn some control). He also has the apparent ability to make his teeth gleam appealingly at any time.

Llewellyn was recently off in Shadow with Theresa, Eorann and Lucinda of House Helgram. He has acquired a formidable collection of utility knives, and proved himself very good zombie bear bait.

Eric (Junior)

"He was a handsome, dark-haired boy, with a bright smile and intelligent eyes, about ten years old; the family resemblance to Corwin was clear. He wore, like his namesake, black and silver and red."

Eric is Corwin's grandson--the first known grandchild of an Elder in existence, and the son of Merlin. He seems like a friendly and intelligent boy, although somewhat shy; Stacey Hawkins, mother of Corwin's daughter Theresa, has taken an obvious liking to him.

Unfortunately, Eric appears to be the target of sinister forces; a kidnapping attempt was made on him as he journeyed to Amber with Corwin, Eorann and Theresa. Why exactly this is is uncertain, although a connection to whatever his still-absent father has been up to for the last twenty years is possible.

He has apparently beaten Bill Roth at chess (Roth claims he wasn't trying his hardest). He has also displayed the ability to be extremely cute and precocious.

Eric is currently in Amber, watched by the close eye of Corwin.


"It looked as though someone had been trying to save on colours on this trump. The woman had white skin and white hair, pale as milk, and she wore a green dress, and her eyes were green, and the field of grass she stood in was green. Her expression was vague and ambiguous--somewhere between vacancy and otherworldyness--and she held her arms crossed tight to her chest."

Mearh was discovered working in a brothel in Kashfa by Lysander, and was saved from a kidnapping attempt by the Agency by the intercession of Tobias, Lysander, Gerard and Malcolm. Little else is known about her except for the fact that she can't remember whatever portion of her life took place before twenty years ago.

Her parentage is unknown; it is possible she may be an Elder, rather than of the younger generation.