The Known Elder Family of Amber

Resident: The elder is at least a semi-regular presence in Amber.

Visitor: The elder spends most of his or her time out in Shadow, but makes enough visits to Amber to be familiar to any members of your generation.

Deceased: The elder is dead.

DWORKIN (Visitor)

Dworkin, as you all understand it, was the father of Oberon by the Unicorn (this brings interesting pictures to mind), and the drawer of the Pattern with the Jewel of Judgement, though not necessarily in that order.

Dworkin is, among other things, a hunchback, a dwarf, a trump artist, a sorcerer, a sage, a doctor, a psychiatrist and a shapechanger. He has written many tomes of wisdom, and many tomes entirely lacking in wisdom, all of which can be found in the castle library. He was reputedly mad in a scary way around the time of the Patternfall War, but now just seems to be slightly mad in the manner of a very rich, old, eccentric relative.

He periodically appears in Amber for unknown reasons, hangs around for a few days, has private meetings with various grandchildren, and occasionally conducts an experiment that causes a really spectacular display of explosive sounds and coloured smoke.

If your character has been in Amber for some time, you will have probably met Dworkin at least once. He most likely said something to you that was either extremely profound or utterly meaningless, and then gave you a lollipop (even if you were an adult when you met him).

OBERON (Deceased)

Oberon was the king of Amber from its beginnings until his death restoring the Pattern three decades back. There are many portraits of him around the castle, and all his children generally have some anecdote to recount, usually involving how difficult he was as a father. He apparently put the interests of Amber above anything else; only Benedict seems able to speak of him without any resentment mingling with the respect.

His ghost is reported to occasionally appear around the castle, uttering dire warnings about future events, but these same rumours have been attached at one time or another to all the various dead or missing Royals, so it's probably best not to lend them much credence.

BENEDICT (Resident)

The greatest warrior and general in the entire universe, and the eldest living child of the deceased former king of Amber, Oberon, Benedict was away from Amber for a long time before the Patternfall War, but returned to lead the armies against Chaos.

Since then, he has remained in Amber and assisted King Random as Master of Arms and supreme commander of the military forces. If your character is martially inclined and a resident of Amber, or has spent some time there, you have likely undergone at least some training with Benedict.

Benedict is dour and not the most talkative person, and tends to deal with attempts at casual conversation by walking away without saying anything.

Benedict is known to have had some relation to Dara, the mother of Corwin's son Merlin, though it is not clear exactly what. A few rarely-heard ballads float around about Benedict and someone named "Lintra", whom he is said to have either loved or killed (or sometimes both).

Benedict tends to respond poorly to anyone who asks him about Lintra or Dara. He is not known to have any other children except for (possibly) Dara, or one of her ancestors.

Benedict is believed to currently be looking into the Agency, in light of the attack on Queen Vialle at the Dinner From Hell.

BLEYS (Visitor)

Charming, mercurial, brilliant, unpredictable, arrogant--all adjectives that have been applied to Bleys at one time or another. Along with his full siblings Brand and Fiona, Bleys studied with Dworkin and learned arts of Trump and magic.

He collaborated with his full siblings and attempted to seize the throne during the succession crisis leading up to the Patternfall War, allying himself with the Courts of Chaos, and then, like Fiona, turning on Brand when it began to become clear just what he had involved himself with. He and Fiona generally proved themselves in the eyes of the rest of the family because of their essential role in the Patternfall War and the foiling of Brand, but some resentment still lingers among less forgiving members of the family, such as Julian.

Bleys was shot by the same assassin who killed Caine two decades back, but survived.

Bleys has one known child, his son, Billy, by a woman on Shadow Earth who is known to be deceased.

Recently, someone attacked Bleys out in Shadow, beat him very badly, stole his Patternblade, and cut off several of his fingers; fortunately for him, he was found by Tobias soon after this. He is currently comatose in Amber, being cared for by Fiona.

BRAND (Deceased)

Brand was perhaps the most brilliant of the elder family members, but his brilliance and temperment drove him to walk a path of madness and destruction in which he tried to destroy the Pattern in order to reforge it and the universe in his own image.

He was killed at the final battle of the Patternfall War by Caine, but dragged Deirdre into the Abyss of Chaos as he died.

Brand left no known children.

CAINE (Deceased)

Caine was, by all you've heard of him, a somewhat unpleasant man, but one loyal to Amber. He was Gerard and Julian's full brother, and got along best with the two of them; like Gerard, he spent much of his time aboard Amber's sea forces.

He faked his own death during the Patternfall War to remove himself from everyone's eyes, returning at the final battle to kill Brand. About a decade later, he was killed by an unknown assassin while on a diplomatic mission to the Golden Circle country of Deiga.

He was buried in the sea caves at the southern foot of Mount Kolvir, near a small chapel of the Unicorn. There is a small memorial to him there, of a nautical theme, made by Gerard.

Caine's last lover, Vinta Bayle, gave birth to a daughter, Akami, some eight months after Caine's death.

CORWIN (Resident)

The greatest figure of the Patternfall War among the elders, Corwin at first seemed a foe of Amber, willing to go to any length to seize its throne from his full brother Eric. When Eric died, however, he took over the direction of the war against Chaos until the reappearance of Oberon, and fought to stop Brand from remaking the universe.

During the Patternfall War, Corwin apparently drew his own Pattern using the Jewel of Judgement. It is said to still lie out in Shadow, protected by a huge fortress whose inhabitants are ghosts, demons, or stranger things.

Corwin disappeared for nearly three decades following the Patternfall War, and has only recently returned to take up residence in Amber again. He does not speak of where he was in that time.

Corwin has two known children, his son Merlin, by Dara of the Courts of Chaos, and his daughter Theresa, by a woman from Shadow named Stacey Hawkins who currently lives in Amber. He has also recently been revealed to has a grandson, Eric; his activities of late have been restricted by his need to care for and protect his grandson from whatever forces he has become a target of.

DEIRDRE (Deceased)

Deirdre was the full sister of Corwin and Eric, and you'll get a different take on her depending on just which of your elders is talking about her. Corwin speaks of her with an almost abnormal love and devotion, whereas even the diplomatically-phrased words of King Random make it clear that they did not get along.

She died at the final battle of the Patternfall Wall, dragged into the Abyss by Brand after Caine shot him.

Deirdre was apparently a woman of considerable martial talents and personal ability that combined with a fondness for being the centre of attention and for trying to dominate every situation she found herself in. In a family of strong-willed people, this did not endear her to everyone. Despite this, her death seems to be regretted by all of them when they speak of her.

She has a memorial in one of the palace gardens of which she was fond. Black roses, which had been her emblem, grow there.

Deirdre had one known child, her daughter Eorann, who was raised out in Shadow, and first appeared in Amber some years after Deirdre's death. The details of her father are not commonly known.

ERIC (Deceased)

Eric was briefly King of Amber for the early years of the Patternfall War, but had the misfortune to die in the battle where his brother, Corwin, made his dramatic return. The details are unclear, but Corwin and Eric apparently somehow achieved some kind of reconciliation before Eric died.

Eric is spoken of with fondness (or at least grudging respect) by most of his siblings. He was apparently well-suited to the kingship, if not to the times he held it in.

He was buried in a tomb near the empty one constructed for Corwin. A memorial stands where fell beneath the cliffs of Kolvir. White roses, his emblem, twine round it, and their thorns are long.

Eric had no known children.

FIONA (Visitor)

Fiona is the greatest sorceress and master of the mystic arts in the family. Her general history during the Patternfall War can be found under the details of her brother Bleys.

She spends much time away from Amber, but is a more frequent visitor than Bleys. If you are a member of the family and a sorcerer, you very likely learned the Art in at least some portion from her. She is a patient and skilled teacher, but extremely demanding.

Fiona has a son, Tobias, who is known to have been old enough to have served under Bleys in the Patternfall War. There is not much information available about his father.

Fiona is currently caring for her comatose full brother, Bleys.

FLORIMEL (Resident)

Florimel (Flora, usually) is beautiful, cultured, charming and graceful. She is the best politician and diplomat among the elders, and has earned a fair amount of Random's trust since the end of the Patternfall War by making herself useful to the court.

If you've grown up in Amber or spent much time there, Flora has likely tried to school you in the social graces befitting a member of the Royal Family, whether you wanted her to or not.

Flora has two sons. The older one, Malcolm, was born on Shadow Earth some time before the beginning of the Patternfall War; the younger, Lysander, was born shortly after the Patternfall War, the result of Flora's brief affair with the married Duke Victor of the Kingfisher House.

Flora has been doing her best to maintain social relations with the Chaosians after the Dinner From Hell put paid to a lot of plans she had, and recently held a nice little breakfast for them.

GERARD (Resident)

Gerard commands the ships of Amber, serves occassionally as a diplomat, and generally does whatever he can to further Amber's interests and protect it from harm.

He is probably the strongest man in the entire universe. You may have been given friendly lessons in wrestling and grappling by him as a youngster. Or, if you were the type to make trouble, not-so-friendly lessons in why you shouldn't make it.

Gerard has no known children.

Gerard is currently helping Billy with his investigations in Amber. He hit Mister Vandemar during the battle in the art gallery during the Dinner From Hell. Twice. That Mister Vandemar was still moving after the first punch is testament to his being one hell of a tough guy.

JULIAN (Resident)

The Warden of Arden, Julian is by general consensus an arrogant, smug, overbearing bastard who saves himself by being extremely good at what he does and extremely loyal to Amber. He doesn't always get along very well with King Random (or with anyone else), but his devotion to Amber's welfare is not up for question.

Julian spends most of his time in Arden and keeps a residence there, so even if you grew up in Amber, you may not know him very well.

He has no known children, but is probably the closest thing to a father Akami has.

Julian is attempting to deal with Duchess Belissa Minobee's apparent desire to marry him for killing her husband (Chaosians are weird), and with a recent withering of trees in Arden accompanied by the mysterious Pattern-eating Black Oak. He has apparently dealt with the former by focusing entirely on the latter, and staying as far away from Amber as he can. Tobias has apparently built him some kind of hideous weapon of mass destruction that he claims is a tree saw.

LLEWELLA (Visitor)

Llewella is the sister of Queen Moire of Rebma, and spends most of her time in that strange, phantasmal place, paying the occasional visit to Amber for diplomatic reasons, or to visit with Queen Vialle.

Llewella is generally a reclusive and private person when she appears in Amber, but is friendly enough if approached properly. Her Rebman heritage shows strongly, lending her something of an alien quality.

She was recently revealed to have a son, Llewellyn, who doesn't take after her much, mostly because he seems rather dim.

RANDOM (Resident)

The youngest known of Oberon's children, and the current King of Amber. Random was apparently something of a bad seed up until comparatively recently, but gained a great deal of maturity and respect from his older siblings during the Patternfall War, and was chosen as King of Amber by the Unicorn when she retrieved the Jewel of Judgement from the Abyss and presented it to him.

Random is not the most formal of kings, nor is he by nature a politician, but he is popular with the people and has become quite adept at rule over the past three decades.

He is married to Vialle, a blind Rebman woman, and is, for all appearances, genuinely in love with and madly devoted to her. Despite this, they have not yet had any children. Random also has a son named Martin, born to the now-deceased Crown Princess of Rebma, who committed suicide soon after Martin's birth after Random abandoned her.

Random is currently cloistered with Vialle as she recovers from the attack upon her at the Dinner From Hell.


Depending on the background of your character, it may or may not be reasonable for you to have knowledge of Oberon's other children, such as Osric, Finndo, Sand, Delwin, Dalt, Coral, etc. I will handle this on a case-by-case basis.


The following Elders are those I will generally be flexible about letting you have as a parent, provided you give me a background I like and are willing to work with me on developing it: Bleys, Caine, Corwin, Deirdre, Eric, Fiona, Flora, Gerard, Julian, Llewella and Random.

If you want a background or concept specifically requiring Benedict or Brand (or anyone not on that list), discuss it with me, and we'll see if something can (or cannot) be worked out to accomodate it.