"I shuffled the deck thoroughly, then cut it, turning up the cut card. Eorann. Daughter of my departed sister Dierdre. Like her mother she wore black traced with silver, with guileless blue eyes peering out from behind jet black bangs. Her dress was long, nearly to her ankles, with a trim of embroidered mystical symbols. As usual, she bore a slightly startled expression, as if the artist had intruded upon some deep meditation unanounced. She held a bladed staff in her hand, too thin to be a proper quarter staff, too thick to be a spear. She was like that, eternally caught between what she was and what she wanted to be. She amused me, in much the way that one takes pleasure from watching a bumbling kitten trying to gain her feet."

There's little enough doubt just whose daughter Eorann is. The blood of the Brunettes runs strong in her. From the way she arrived in Amber shortly after Patternfall, bloodied but unbent, to her attitude, to her very looks and mannerisms, Eorann is every bit Dierdre's. But don't ask about her parents.

The havoc she caused by moving into Dierdre's old room, unannounced and in defiance of unspoken tradition, set people to whispering. When she proceeded to abase herself begging various Elders for all manners of training, they started to talk aloud. It's hard not to notice Eorann, and almost equally hard to tell if she's doing it on purpose or just by doing what comes naturally. Either way, she rarely lacks for some form of attention, positive or negative.

She's known to be a sorceress of some power, and her frequent associations with Fiona, Bleys, and even Dworkin tend to support that, and she's definitely walked the Pattern. These days she's in and out of Amber as pleases her. Since Corwin's return, she's been spotted with him several times, as well.

Her colors are the same as her mother's, black and silver, and the few times she's used any sort of device, it was a rune of mystic import, inscribed in a square.