House Feegle

"Fer the Serpent, the Hoouse, an' Ma's HAGGIS! NAC MAC FEEEEEEGLE!"

House Feegle (or Faighle, according to some of the older and more traditional--or stodgier, as others will say) is among the older of the minor Houses. In its more distant history, it tried quite hard to be an independent entity, despite the difficulties that would arise from being a minor House unaffiliated with any of the larger ones. However, for quite a long while, now, it has been in a stable and cordial vassalship to Hendrake. Both Houses share a similar outlook on life: kick your enemies around and grow stronger therefore.

Feegle has a very distinctive culture, even among the idiosyncracies common to the Courts. From a Shadow Earth perspective, They Are Scottish. Their crest is a shield with a blue background with a white X over it, known as Saint Andryw's Cross. The men wear kilts (don't call them skirts) of the Feegle tartan, and some of the women, too (the female warriors, at least). They have quite a singular dialect, and up in the more remote regions of Feegleways, it can become totally incomprehensible to outsiders. Fortunately, most members of Feegle have learned to tone the accent down to something more understandable. They paint themselves with woad when going into battle (or at least shapeshift their skin to the appropriate shade of blue if they haven't got time for that), wield really big two-handed swords, and like to scream "NAC MAC FEEGLE!" as they stampede toward the enemy.

As did Hendrake, Feegle lost many people during Patternfall, and has had to scramble somewhat to recover its strength. Fortunately, the blood of warriors does run deep in them, and soon their ranks were, if not swelling, then comfortably filled, at least. However, with the new era of stability that has arisen throughout Shadow as a result of the cessation of hostilities (Chaos was largely too weakened for a while for there to be much fighting among the Courts, and they weren't going to go out into Shadow to seek trouble while recovering), diplomacy has suddenly become a more important thing. While the hard-liners in Feegle would have preferred to leave such things to other Houses, Lord Lachlan mac Feegle (who survived Patternfall, though wounded badly) has decided that times do change, and that while he still likes a good bloodbath, he would also like to avoid having his clan getting wiped out, and has in more recent times sent some of his family abroad as part of multi-House diplomatic missions. This has had mixed results, as obviously, none of them are experienced at polite talk and diplomacy. Still, they aren't stupid, and do try to sit back while the real diplomats do their work. One of his younger daughters, Ceitidh, has recently been pressed into this service, much to her general irritation.

Feegle's signature weapon is the great claymore (claidhmere) sword, a long two-hander with a wide blade and overly large crosspiece. They also have the bagpipes, pleasing to the ear if played well--but more often than not, it isn't played very well. Quite an item for rallying the troops, though, regardless of the piper's skill. And, of course, there is the House dish, haggis. They love it, and guests are expected to, at least, try some. On the whole, the Feegles are moderately religious, with most attending services for the Serpent regularly, but not fanatic like some other Houses.

For those wondering, the battlecry "Nac mac Feegle' comes from Nachton mac Feegle, one of the original Faighle's sons, who was the finest warrior in all of Chaos. Well, according to Feegle's lore, at least. It is doubtless that he was quite a kicker of copious amounts of arse in his day, though, and started the tradition of Feegle as a warrior's House.