"Tall and fair, blonde and blue-eyed, this could be no-ones son but Flora's. An excellently tailored trenchcoat (the very finest London Fog, I was sure) reached to his ankles, the badge of his office pinned to the lapel. It hung open in the front, revealing a stylish blue-and-gold uniform, and, curiously, a gunbelt. But the weapon slung casually across his shoulders was no firearm; a slender blade, sharp on only one side in the Oriental style, with a single glowing line of power running from hilt to tip. His eyes were hard, intense; I could see Malcolm in them. His lips quirked in a smile, though, and one white-gloved hand stroked a precisely trimmed goatee in amusement at something."

Lysander, Flora's younger, whiter son, is the product her post-Patternfall liaison with a charismatic young Duke of one of Ambers noblest houses. Which is a bit embarrasing for most parties involved, as he was newly married at the time, but Flora being Flora...

Having had a fairly normal upbringing for a young member of the Royal Family (born and raised in Amber, trained in weapons by Benedict, Pattern by Fiona) Lysander seems to have followed the same martial path as Billy and Akami, combined with his father's family tradition of service to the City. He was recently appointed as Commander of the Amber City Watch, narrowly beating out Billy for the post. Billy took this with his customary good nature and aplomb, and cheerfully serves as Lysanders second-in-command.

Lysander also bears Anglachel, a sword of his own creation that Akami has disparagingly referred to as 'a poor man's botched excuse of a pseudo-Patternblade.'

A personable, extremely likable man in social situations, Lysander tends to also display a rather broad streak of suspicion and cynicism, probably brought on by his profession and the neccessity of having to usually play the Bad Cop to Billy's almost too-nice Good Cop. He's on good terms wth pretty much everybody except Akami, with whom there have been... personality conflicts. There is also reportedly some bad blood involved with at least one of his half-siblings on his father's side.

His colors are blue and gold, and his blazon a gold rose on a field of blue.