House Minobee

Minobee is a small but proud House, with a martial tradition as old or older than House Hendrake's, and a reputation for producing some of the finest individual warriors and generals in the Courts.

Minobee was, so some fragmentary histories say, once a great House, even more powerful than Hendrake. Something happened thousands of years ago that made it fall from power, however. What little evidence there is points to some kind of betrayal, though whether it was by House Minobee or against it is unclear.

House Minobee is more or less inextricably intertined with House Hendrake as an ally. That Belissa Minobee was allowed to append the name of the House to her own when she married into House Hendrake is a sign of the respect given to Minobee despite its small size. Belissa's brother, Lord Tarnaus, is the current head of the House