Partial Powers

The individual powers function as they are detailed to in the DRPG books, unless otherwise noted.





You must have the ability to shapeshift to the Primal Form to assay the Logrus.

The rules for the Shadowmastery ability are taken from John, and I quote him here:

"Characters with this Power can use the Summoned Sign to spot weak areas in the Shadows of Amber and the Courts and by using the Logrus Tendrils they are able to create 'Shadow Veils' or areas which may be stepped through to the next Shadow without further manipulation. This is especially useful in the Courts where areas change so drastically from one Shadow to the next. Most of the areas of the Courts are strewn with Shadow Veils linking the entirety of the Courts together. This Power also enables the character to recognize existing Veils without prior knowledge of their existence, and includes all powers associated with Shadowmastery as described by Merlin in the novels."

Given time, you can stitch together a Way in the Courts of Chaos. This power is pretty much useless near Amber, as the "walls" between Shadow are too resistant to manipulation compared to those near the Courts.

Logrus Sight allows you to look through the summoned Sign of the Logrus, and use it as a magical lens. Logrus Scry allows you to use Logrus Sight at the ends of Logrus Tendrils.


The Trump Initiate ability provides you with an understanding of the principles behind Trump, and the Sense Trump ability as detailed in the DRPG book.


The rules for magic in Third Eye Blind are here.