And you throw a look back over your shoulder and see a shaggy, thirty-foot tall sheep-headed giant pursuing you with a huge axe in its hands.
Ceitidh sprints as damn fast as she can.
Ceitidh OOCly says, "..."
The Sheepataur exclaims, "VENGEANCE FOR ME BROTHERS!"
Ceitidh OOCly says, "The haggis is coming back to haunt me, is it?"
The Sheepataur says, "OOC: You begin to wonder just what ingredients Lord Hamish put in this. :)"
Ceitidh yells out, as she runs, "Aye, an' they were all pretty damn tasty!"
The Sheepataur screams with absolutely bloody rage and charges after you _much faster_.
You run like hell.
Ceitidh . o O ( Ach...need t'remember ta keep me bloody mouth shut. )
--The effects of oracular peyote-haggis.

Belissa says, "I thank you for the hope, but it unfortunately was not so." She surveys the room, and her eyes fix on Julian, who's been creeping closer and closer to the corner since she arrived. "Excuse me. I must go and speak with my future husband. Gilva, you stay here."
And Belissa heads towards Julian with the expression a guided missile might have if it was capable of having an expression.
-- Ah, the wonders of love.

Eorann looks momentarily stunned. "Marry? Julian?" Her tone makes it apparent that she'd sooner believe the Pattern and the Logrus would slow dance at the senior prom.
-- Eorann discovers Belissa intends to marry Julian.

Eorann thinks for a moment, "I don't think I've ever seen Julian taken with something having two legs before."
Lucinda says, quite casually, "Oh, Duchess Belissa can have more than two legs if he likes it that way."
-- Those wacky Chaosian sexual mores.

Tobias says, "Ballistic Mecha-Saw Z-5 will be ready for deployment soon. I lost track of time working on it, I fear."
Theresa asks, "What happened to Z1 through 4, Tobias?"
Tobias says, "I am currently trying to make it less efficient..." He nods politely to the new ones, and turns to Theresa. "Z1 was a wooden model. Z2 flew apart under pressure to test stress. Z3 is heading off into Shadow at high speeds. Z4 vanished in a strange phenomenon, while a strange voice said something about using it as a replacement Minbari treesaw."
Malcolm stares. "You have a strange life, Tobias."
Tobias says, "The path of a true craftsman is fraught with uncertainty."
Lysander asks, "Is Z3 going to gain sentience and return leading an army of smaller versions of it that it assembled itself?"
Lysander asks, "Like that toaster you made?"
Tobias says, "I have learned from the mistake of the toaster."
-- 'ware the toaster.

Eric says, "Okay! Let's go meet her. It would be cool to have another grandma. I've got two, but I haven't met them."
Eric continues, "Mom said Dad's mom was a psycho hose beast once, when Dad wasn't around. Is that true, Grandpa?"
Corwin coughs. "Your mother shouldn't have said that," he says gravely, and not entirely convincingly.
-- Eric discusses his grandmother Dara.

Lucinda waves cheerily to Lysander, and eyes Tobias rather like a dog looking at a large steak.
Tobias . o O ( Oh no. I hope I didn't kill her husband. )
-- Cultural diffusion in action.

Theresa asks, "Have you ever been out into shadow, Llewellyn?"
Lllewellyn nods enthusiastically. "Yes, I have!"
Theresa asks, "Have you walked the Pattern?"
Llewellyn nods again. "Yup. And I didn't fall once."
-- Llewellyn shows unexpected depths. Sort of.

"Ayiyiyiiyi! Areba!" "YIP YIP YIP YIP YIP!" "Ayiyiyiiyi!"
-- The melodious sounds of House Mariachi's All-Star Tejano Brass Band and Their Fabulous Yipping Chihuahas.

Flora beams at Arawn. "And what about you, Lord Arawn?"
Arawn smiles, "Me? I am considering a closer look at Amber's unique flora."
Flora blushes demurely. "Oh, my."
Malcolm gets the look that adult men get when they're forced to imagine their mother having sex.
-- It's not easy being Flora's son.

Malcolm asks, "Has he got, umm, a reputation?"
-- Malcolm asks Ceitidh about Arawn.

You approach the giant wooden badger and are almost instantly assailed by a vendor. "Genuine Giant Wooden Badger commemorative coins! Giant Wooden Badger jewelery! Giant Wooden Badger toys for the kids!"
There is a fish shop in the foreleg, called JOBE'S GIANT BADGER FISH SHOP.
-- Malcolm and Ceitidh witness firsthand how Tobias's acts of vengeance create valuable jobs for the citizens of Amber.

Lucky appears next to you in a trump effect. And immediately heads over and sticks his nose into Danton's groin inquisitively.
"Relative of yours?" Danton asks, deadpan.
-- Lucky helps Lysander's investigations in Kashfa.

"He comes on as a bit bluff, but he's really just a big softie."
-- Flora describes Tobias to Arawn.

Arawn looks up from his whispered conversation with the girl and nods toward the table. "Oh, hello prince Malcolm ... I didn't notice you earlier."
Malcolm twitches. "Hiya, Lord Arawn. How'd your work with Mom go?"
Arawn says, "Oh, it was quite ... enjoyable. Your mother is quite ... skilled, you know."
Malcolm twitches a bit more. "That's nice."
Arawn favors Malcolm with a lazy grin, then goes back to macking on the girl.
-- Malcolm, the Twitching Years

Ceitidh waits until they are out of earshot, then remarks, "I feel somewhat...sorry fer the lass."
Tobias wears an expression that, while sympathetic, also has a large element of Better-Her-Than-Me. "Such is the eventual fate of all of the House of Amber."
Ceitidh asks, "A shoppin' trip wi' yer Princess Flora?"
Tobias says, "Yes."
Ceitidh says, "Ach."
-- Poor Osric.

Osric asks, politely, "So, if I cut off your arm, may I then stick it in a case, so long as it put it upon a nice pillow?  Or would you prefer a nice stand or plinth, hypothetically speaking?"
You feel the temperature in the room drop a few degrees.
Gilva says, slowly, "It is most fortunate that the days when you should need to cut off my arm, or I yours, are passed, Princess Osric."
Osric grunts.
Ceitidh rubs her forehead.
Tobias wears the suffering look of a man who, at breakfast, had not expected to have to wrangle over the national possession of severed mummy arms. "Please, if you will, let there be no more severed arms. I do not want to encourage our friend."
Ceitidh murmurs, "Is this wha ye meant by yer diplomacy, Da?"
-- Amber's top diplomats engage in important negotiations with their Chaos counterparts. Or something.:

Lysander narrows his eyes. "Maybe I'm not fucking making myself clear, Tobias. This is what we call a 'lead.' The -only- lead, thus far, to finding the people who have been repeatedly attempting to assasinate members of our family. And I will not have said lead compromised by a Prince of Amber kicking in the walls and hauling off a courtesan with known ties to an Amberite ambassador."
Lysander says, "Thus causing the Agency, if indeed there is a connection here, to bury it so deep we never find it."
Lysander says, "If letting Mearh stay there for another twenty-four or so hours is what it takes to unearth said connection, then Mearh damn well stays there another twenty-four hours."
Chirp, chirp, go the crickets in the woods.
Tobias says, "Perhaps I am not making myself clear. A relative of mine is being sold to unsavory men. This is not a tolerable state of affairs for 24 hours. You will provide me with directions to this brothel, or you can become what we call a 'tent peg'."
-- Lysander and Tobias have a friendly difference in opinion:

Lysander rolls his eyes and produces a small case of what looks like makeup, but with a bunch of things you don't recognize, out of his trenchoat. There's a stylized 'F' on it.
Lysander says, "Both of you come here."
Tobias obediently walks over.
Gerard comes over as well, looking rather nervous.
Gerard says, "Lysander, if you put any kind of lipstick on me, I will be forced to smite you."
-- Lysander gets ready to gussy Gerard and Tobias up as disreputable whorehouse clients:

Tobias says, "Good evening... er... whore-keep, I am a lusty and wild sinner who seeks to satisfy my baser carnal urges."
Gerard nods and says.  "My friend and I are hoping for some wanton action with the ladies of your establishment."
Tobias says, "Please show me to the ladies of the evening."
-- Why Gerard and Tobias are perhaps not the best people to infiltrate a brothel: